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After frustrating issues and reading poor reviews....

I've used WIX for a couple years now and WIX is by far the easiest and most customizable editor I've used, and I've tried most of the WYSIWYG builders. While they've made some major improvements to the editing platform over the years, it feels way to unstable to actually invest money into.

There are a few issues I've noticed that are big enough that prevent me from actually launching the website and paying the premium. For instance, when you zoom out on the HTML editor in preview mode (and I have looked into this issue quite thoroughly and WIX has no solution), the website background stays the width of the users screen but the pages along with the images will shrink back into the middle and it messes up the whole ratio of the website. Images and texts are completely offset from the background and it looks awful.

While I'm on the issue of backgrounds here's another issue I've encountered. There is absolutely no way for me to find out the perfect dimensions of a custom background I have made because the WIX team has no answer for it. For instance if I wanted to make a blank .png and put my graphics on, they have no answer for what size I need to make it exactly (yes WIX I know the native size for your site is supposed to be 980 X 683 but I tried scaling my image down to that size and it just would not work). While I did find a way to make my background not move when switching pages (which was very very annoying, it has something to do with the length and width of your pages from what I've read), there is no way to position that background into the perfect place.

The other issue, as every single other user has reviewed on, is the image management system. It's just not functional if you have a lot of images to put up. It could possibly take hours to upload, organize and tag photos that would normally take thirty mins tops on normal image organizers. Another issue I'll comment on is the poor customer support you have, while I haven't called any of your "support" phone numbers, I have thoroughly reviewed your forums for answers to my issues. I have found every single one of my issues on your forums, but to no avail, no answer. Just some dry coat throat response, "sorry we do not have an answer for the problem at this time but if you have any other question please contact at blah blah blah".

Lastly, I didn't buy your product because I was so frustrated with these reviews and my issues that I decided to look into other products and thankfully I did. I have read many disconcerting reviews regarding your server speeds and fuctionality. Absolutely something a professional can not rely on.

While in my search for other programs, which are few and far between, I urge users to check out WebAcapella. It took me hours to find in the forums because it was french based product. It has a harder learning curve than most WYSIWYG programs but the final product is well worth it. AND the best part is you pay one time for the software! No need to pay monthly which is amazing in its own.

Having said that, WIX, if you fixed these issues and the other ones that fellow users have complained about, I would absolutely buy into your program. It's simplicity is unmatched but as a professional I can not rely on you. FIX YOUR ISSUES it's 2013 for god sake!

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