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Excellent local service - shite outsourced foreign call centre.

I thought I'd give Milk & More a try for the following reasons:
I wanted the convenience of milk at my door, just like the good old days.
I believe in supporting local dairies, not the capitalist supermarket scumbags.
I wanted real un-homogenised milk, with cream on top and milk at the bottom that you have to shake before you use (why? because that’s how real healthy milk should be!), not the crap shop bought pure white homogenised milk. Why do supermarkets only supply homogenised milk, because they think customers won’t buy off coloured milk with cream on top that has to be shaken to use and doesn’t have quite a long a shelf life.
Homogenised milk is bad:

The only bad thing I have to say about their service is the rubbish call centre, foreign and their staff seem to just use the milk&more website to answer your question rather than knowing the answer and being able to provide more info than the website has ... perhaps I was unlucky to have got the new staff the times I have called, so perhaps they have call centre staff who speak good English?
4 stars, would have been 5/5 if it wasn’t for the call centre.

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Didcot, Oxon, United Kingdom