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They were great for a long while. Then 6 months ago when we had the Youview box the Broadband speed dropped from 17meg down to 13. Then 3 days ago the internet connect started dropping periodically.

We phoned up and were told they would send a new router free of charge. We revived the router and still the same problem. Phoned again today they said they would run some tests and phone back at 2:00pm. They phoned at 2:55pm and said they understood that the problem was crackling on the phone. I told them no and that the problem was intermittent dropping of the internet connection.

They then asked a lot of questions obviously from a script. At one time with Talktalk the second person you spoke to was obviously a technician based in this country. But now everyone spoken to is from an Indian call centre. And just follow a script. Then say the checks that were run showed no problem with the line. And all they could do was to book an engineer.

I see the Engineers are now Bright spark ... it looks like TalkTalk can not cope with the extra demand on their systems that the new Youview package has got them. And that they now outsource engineers.

I am looking for ways to get out of the contract without having to pay a penalty ... because it is their problem then they should not charge for releasing from it.

Not worth 1 star but unfortunately this system needs at least 1 star to post

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