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my alternative to moleskine

Ordered a rhodia notebook as an alternative to moleskine. The paper is more prone to ink smears but better quality, so i have just changed pen and for the price is really a good deal. Always is also good to support competitor brands


I tried Virgin... and will never use it again.

I had talk talk and when moving in to a new flat I was enticed by my landlord to have virgin media, "as a reconnection with talktalk would be to expensive". Later I found out the the jerk got a 50£ credit on his virginmedia connection so he could sat all day masturbating. When setting up the contract I haven't read anywhere that by asking for a phoneline service, I would also need to buy a phone. I bought a regular one, that didn't work, and customer service tell me it should be a virgin phone, I didn't bought it. Oh yea, and if you don't have a virgin phone service (+ virgin phone) you will be burning parts of your brain and wallet, frustrating with customer service, since the thing looks set up to make it really difficult: the machine asks for area code, some 2 or 3 passwords, and some more shit, "to make the service faster". True to be said, I have wasted more that 20£ trying to cancel the phone service, which I couldn't so I had to stick with it for 9 months. Now, let me tell about the broadband in one word - its shit. I mean, I never had a service who blocked so many websites, I had to learn how to counter act this with proxys and other IT technicalities so I could download what I wanted (yes I know that copyright infringement is though for the companies to accept that has its own benefits).
The connection was good and reached the speeds that they sell lets say.. 2 times in one year. On prime time, I couldn't even watch youtube. Also I had 3 periods of 5 hours straight with no connection. Yes I could spent other 20£ phoning them to fix it but I chose to wait, you can guess why.
Oh, and the letters they send, so funny. "We noticed that you like to download, specially in the evening". Is that really a good marketing move on your clients? First, its really great to feel being spied on. Second, I can't even watch a 2min video on evenings, not to talk about DOWNLOADS that I can't even reach the websites to make them...

And last but not least... I changed house again, and wanted to bring virgin along with me since I had 2 months left in the contract... AND I find out that if I wanted to bring them with me (yea, romantic I know) I would had to re-contract for more 12 months, and pay some fees.. I chose to disconnect, and I was also asked to pay for a disconnection fee.. LOL. Today I find out that they are charging me for paper handling fees, when I signed up for a Direct Debit to prevent them for sucking more money out of me 0_0 it has reached a point that is incomprehensible to me.

By the way Virgin Media... I'm using your service that I payed to write this. And I will also prevent everyone close to me to spend 1 cent with you. This is actually a thing that I can do with your connection, type text. wow. Im going back to talktalk again, not sure if its the best but at least I had nothing to bother when I had it. and fuck you virgin, honestly.

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