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Reliable and honest company ( these are NOT the same as 'we buy any')

I wanted to sell a car and I already had another one, so couldn't part-ex it and wanted to do it simply. Having read (and seen on TV) many bad things about the dubious practises of the company 'we buy any' I had no intention of become another customer (or should I say victim) of theirs, so I did not know what to do. I goggled and found this company, and realised that they had had good feedback, so thought I'd try them instead.

I entered my data on their site and received a quote. I had a bit of damage to the side, where a supermarket shopper had hit me and driven off without leaving their insurance details and I hadn't fixed it. I reported this on the site, (although my report didn't sound as bad as it probably was to be honest - so they couldn't tell for sure until they saw it).
I was given a quote, which I accepted. A man turned up a couple of days later (at my convenience). He was not employed by this company. They use independent assessors to check and value the cars. He came by train/taxi, so he could drive the car away. He was very thorough indeed when inspecting the car. He found a few chips and another small thing (all of which he documented on his form, but none of which he assured me would change the price they have quoted me as they were too minor). He then looked at the dent and stated that it was worse than he thought from the description I had made. He took a photo and sent it in. 5 minutes later he got a reply and they wished to knock another £100 off the quote. I must admit I was relieved and happy with this as I thought this was a very fair and realistic response. Proving that they were a fair company. Having heard so many bad things about these sorts of companies taking any opportunity to knock down people's quotes for no reason at all, I was relieved and happy with this realistic adjustment, which was a drop in the ocean based on the overall amount I would get. They had to sell it on and make a profit after all!

I had a choice of payment methods but took the option to have the money transferred to my account. This happens instantly and the trader is not allowed to leave with your car until you have been on-line to check the payment has arrived. I made us a cup of tea and filled in a 'customer feedback form, for them as I was waiting for the payment to go through and it was so quick. The man left and I believe they sold my car on to a second hand car sales garage somewhere because a couple of weeks later I got a letter from a garage selling second hand cars asking me (as the previous registered owner) could I confirm the previous mileage.

The price they originally quoted me was only a few pounds less than the other company (we buy any car) - but I know that 'we buy any car regularly knock people down up to 30% after you take the car to one of their depots, so you effectively get a better price with this company too.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of this company. I know that I could have probably got a little bit more had I sold it privately, but the price offered was a very fair trade price. They were up front about everything, honest and not devious. Based on my experience last time, I would certainly use this company again, if I needed to sell a car quickly without fuss and feel I was getting an honest deal.

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