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Truly awful company

I moved into a flat on a 6 month lease almost 2 years ago, immediately I set up a direct debit for just under £50 per month (I should stipulate it was a small 1 bedroom flat with a single occupant) which I was advised should be adequate. After the six months was up I phoned and gave them my final reading, cancelled the direct debit and confirmed with my letting agents the final readings (I also have the check in readings) I sat down with my bills, worked out how much I had payed versus how much I used and it transpired they owed me a few pounds, they can have it I thought, it's only a few quid. 2 months later I receive a letter demanding £250! Surely a mistake I thought as I cheerily punched it british gas' number, I gave them the serial number of my meter to be informed they had their information wrong and that the bill they had sent me was for the meter that went to the larger 2 bed flat upstairs and that I shouldn't worry, they may send me a couple more bills until they had sorted the problem out but I needn't worry as it would be sorted and I could ignore them. I'm still receiving letters to this day from debt collectors seeking this debt and saying that they are going to take me to court. I'm not the kind of person that's intimidated by such threats that I know will never transpire but it makes me furious that they can run a business in this kind of way and I wonder how many people pay up just because they're scared. It makes me sick. I pray one of these days they will actually back up these threats and take me to court because I can prove I don't owe them money and it will make them look extremely stupid.

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