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Internet? What Internet?

I was with Tiscali for years and had very few problems which were all resolved to my satisfaction. With TalkTalk, however....

Their internet service has been a bit rubbish for quite a while - lots of buffering whilst streaming. I had upgraded my service but never received the free router I was promised, and chugged along with one from 2003 for years. When that broke in May 2013, I requested a new one and Talk Talk sent it out promptly (Huawei HG533). However, the line kept dropping, and the ADSL line also kept dropping.

To date, one Bright Spark engineer who checked everything and replaced the Huawei router with a new one. TalkTalk charged me £50 for his visit - in effect, I had to pay Talk Talk to replace their faulty equipment. The internet problems continued, so they sent out a BT Openreach engineer who confirmed that the fault law with the cable from the cabinet to the house & replaced it. Still the internet problems continued. Another BT Engineer came into the flat, and said everything was fine at my end. Went to the Exchange, changed my line and increased the speed. He told me the fault lay with TalkTalk's equipment. Still problems with the internet & ADSL. Talk Talk sent me a D-Link router, and the problems got even worse. Then they claimed the "connection card" was faulty, and said that they replaced that. The internet is STILL not working, so another BT engineer is coming over to repeat his previous colleague's work.

I have now been without a stable internet connection since 6th May. I've cancelled the direct debit, paid the line rental, refused to pay for the service & refused to pay for the engineer's visit.

I'm giving them two stars because although the staff read from scripts, and aren't necessarily fluent English speakers, I think they do what they can within the system. So no malicious intent, but I'd say the directors of TalkTalk need to upgrade their equipment.

So, how about PlusNet? Are they any good?

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