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not as full a service as it was 5 years ago

when i originally started using this service 5 years ago the rates were competive when compared to high street shops - now it is barely matching the likes of moneyshop or ramsdens.
also the HIFX rate used to include any transfer charges - now they charge £9.00
the rate on HIFX home page when obtaining my quote was 1.179 euros to the £
but rate quoted on a transfer of 2000 euros was 1.149 a drop of 60 euros from top rate. Surely HIFX could have absorbed the additional £9.00?
Also in the past if the bank that the money was being transferred into made any charges - these charges would be repaid by HIFX. This is no longer the case - HIFX have added a comment on their confirmation of deal that there may be intermediary banks involved in getting your money to its destination - these banks may make charges that HIFX cannot control, advise or take any responsibility for.
This is a total bodyswerve and means that any intermediate bank has carte blanche to rip you off and charge what they like. You just have to hope your money arrives at its destination reasonably intact

19 June 2013

Reply from HiFX

Dear John,

Thanks for taking the time to give us this feedback - it's much appreciated.

To ensure we continue to offer consistently competitive exchange rates, every couple of weeks we get an independent research company called DQM to check all the main high street bank/building society exchange rates to make sure our overall price (including banking charges, exchange rates and other fees) is better. We also include all the main currency co's.

As a result, HiFX has a hard earned reputation for providing excellent value for money, complete peace of mind AND great customer service if and when you need it. It's this mix which we believe, makes us unique and why we've transferred over £100 billion on behalf of both business and personal customers.

You may well find a smaller broker who is prepared to under cut the rates we offer to get you onboard. But will they consistently offer you these same rates for each and every transfer you make with them in the future? Can they offer you the same level of security to keep your hard earned money safe and will you have real piece of mind when trusting hem with your hard earned money?
- HiFX uses VeriSign security (used by 97 of the world’s top 100 banks) so you’re fully protected online.
- Our systems work to 99.999% uptime standards just like the world’s banks ensuring client payments arrive on time every time.
- Automatic notifications via email or SMS keep customers up to date with their transfers every step of the way. They even let the recipient know when the funds are on their way so you don’t have to.
- And finally advanced anti-fraud safeguards make HiFX a safer, faster way to make international money transfers.

Ramsdens for example is a pawn broker in Halifax not an international money transfer company .

We're not complacent by any means and we're constantly looking at new ways of improving the services we offer in the future so watch this space, but as i said when it comes to offering value for money, complete peace of mind and the best security in the industry we honestly believe we offer a unique service.

Thanks once again for choosing HiFX and for your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Mark Bodega
Director - HiFX

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