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Why can I not give a Zero rating! - Vodafone just don't care.

Will never deal with vodafone ever again.
Have a contract phone - assured I would get a signal upon purchase - Lie!
Well, maybe if I drive a mile down the road, tie my phone to a kite and fly it 30 feet in the air, then maybe, just maybe I might get a signal etc etc

Customer service is PURE GARBAGE - They promise wonderful things and then nothing, they promise to call you back, never do! - Nothing ever gets resolved - Avoid Vodafone at all costs unless you like being lied too, deceived and end up with a mobile phone that you cannot use.

Here is an idea for Vodafone - Stop advertising on Formula One cars and spend the money building some more masts instead!

Damn useless company, wish I had never got involved with them - AVOID!


Atrocious - Don't bother!

Talk Talk provide me inconsistent and very poor speeds for my Broadband

The customer service is truly disgraceful - They all talk a good story from Bangladesh, Mumbai, Delhi or wherever you get put through too - They are very poorly trained, reading from a script with far less knowledge than I have myself - and that aint a lot

Nothing ever happens with Talk Talk's "so called technical support" - If you want an incredible amount of frustration and dissapointment to the point of banging your head repeatedly against a brick wall and pulling all your hair out go for Talk Talk

IF and WHEN you can ever get through to a foreigner who you cant understand - and IF YOU AREN'T CUT OFF in the Middle of a phone call (Very common!) and can eventually get through them and get put through to Broadband second line support in the UK - well, these boys sort things out in 5 minutes - refresh your Broadband at the exchange or whatever - Up and running again

Oh.......and when you do get Cut off by TalkTalk operator whilst being very polite after 15 or 20 mins - Do they phone you back - Do they as hell as like

Part of the general couldn't give a monkey's attitude you will encounter time and time again!

The foreigners are all very polite - But if they don't resolve your problem - AND THEY DONT!! - What is the point of them being there????

Just put us through to a Sid or a Nigel in the UK - they understand what I am saying and deal with it efficiently - But can very rarely get through to these chaps

They are one damn frustrating company - plain and simple - just don't bother

As soon as I have an option to LEAVE TalkTalk I am gone like the wind


100% Fantastic Product/Company/Delivery

Hello all

Fantastic Service, Fantastic Mattress - Speedy and highly efficient service!!

Im SO GLAD I cancelled my Mattress order with Argos - a month later - I was still awaiting delivery from them!!

But with you chaps - a quick, easy & totally pain and hassle free process

If you have any worries about using mattress24 then worry no more

Order away - in my experience any potential customer is in very safe hands - It's lovely to deal with a Reputable company who do what they say - when they say!!

If more companies were like you - then Britain would be a much better place

I cant wait to go to bed tonight on my Melrose mattress

Thank You
Shaun Wilson

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