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No Problems.. Great service

I ordered a canvas from canvas kings in Leicester late on Wednesday and didnt really expect delivery until Monday or Tuesday... The Item arrived this morning.. Saturday.. The driver was pleasant and friendly and based on the experience ive had with both my new supplier and the delivery time, i will be a regular user.. Thanks.. :-}}}

Date Time Status
28/09/2013 10:58 Signature From Customer
28/09/2013 08:50 Courier Received
28/09/2013 03:55 Out For Delivery
27/09/2013 21:00 Processed at Depot
27/09/2013 20:43 Receipt at Depot
27/09/2013 09:20 Hub Sorter Receipt Scan
26/09/2013 15:12 Sent to myhermes central hub
26/09/2013 15:11 Arrived at Depot
26/09/2013 12:19 Customer Sent via ParcelShop
25/09/2013 23:16 Order Generated

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Not Good

As with some of the negative reviews below, i have fallen foul to this AWEFUL company.. When i ordered my 500mm lens by telephone, i told them i was going on a wildlife photo holiday and asked them if they were able to send the lens that week and they said Yes they would and prioritize my order.. On that basis, i went ahead with the purchase.... A few days later my order status was still in order received mode on my account... I called them and they said they were still in the said time frame... When i said i had been told i would receive the lens that week, they said again that they would give priority to the order.... Status changed two days later to processing on my account page... I called them and emailed them over and over and got nowhere with them... Finally last Monday they emailed me apologizing for the delay and offered me a free 3 in 1 cleaning kit.. ( They do this with everyone it seems ) Another delay tactic.... They also said i would receive my lens in 2 - 3 days... I had postponed my holiday by this time and rearranged everything ( At Cost )... As i expected by this time and after reading reviews on these villans, the lens still was not dispatched and i received another email from them saying it would be dispatched late the following week... All They do is LIE and delay you any way they can... I Then told them i had read others reviews and told them i was getting in contact with The Hong Kong Police as others have done... Within 1 hour of telling them this, my order status changed to Item packing ready for dispatch... I thought at last they got the message and are going to send my lens.... Stupid me for thinking that.... 2 days later my account status was Still Packing ready to ship... ( it was just a stalling technique again) I once again threatened to cancel the order and call the Police and i sent an email to them every few hours to get them to move on this... Friday they changed the status of my account to Waiting for courier dispatch, your item will be dispatched today.... Yes you guessed it... The item was not dispatched... Nor the next day or the next or the next... I Canceled my order and asked for a refund... They offered me another 3 in 1 cleaning kit.. Hahaaaa!!!!!
Just had another email from them as i was writing this, asking me not to cancel my order and it is on the list for dispatch... Now then.. They said that last Tuesday then again on Thursday and Friday and Yesterday... Would YOU Believe them ???
They now are saying they are pulling all their resources out to stop the delivery... What Delivery??? Its not even been shipped... They are stalling again.. It wouldnt surprise me if they actually tell me its too late and they cant stop it and actually dispatch it... That way, they get to keep my money longer... And if it ever did arrive, do you think it will be perfect or faulty ? Read other peoples reviews and you decide...
UPDATE.... Whether its because i pestered them to death or not i dont know but in all fairness to simply electronics they have just refunded me IN FULL....

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28 June 2013

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Andrew,

Our apologies for the delays, refund was completed earlier this week and funds should be back in your account shortly (if not already).

Please do let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist.


Vanessa Carroll

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