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Fed up with home delivery - absolutely hopeless!

We have been using home delivery for a year now since our daughter was born. We have a delivery once every couple of weeks between £100 to £150. We have had everything wrong from missed delivery slots, 4 hour delays, mouldy fruit (fit for the bin only) and the constant lack of stock of all the regular items. Today was the final straw, they 'apparently' had no bags of salad, cucumbers, cress, carrots, packs of mushrooms or celery - I bet if I walked into our local store they would have it on the shelf. We now need to go shopping again - I thought the idea of online shopping was that we did not need to go!?? Surely this is worse for the environment and this is now costing us more money as we are paying for delivery and now driving the 20 mile round trip to the store. A couple of the best substitutions were Prawn Crackers replaced for a bag of Skips - because we always have Skips with Chinese don't we?! The other was flat garlic bread replaced with a margarita pizza... again I did not really fancy a cheesy tomato pizza with my spaghetti...

Finally the customer services team appear to care even less about your problems and even when the 'manager' rings you back he sounds like he can't be bothered.

So ASDA - just to let you know we so we are now moving to try other home delivery service and taking our £3000 to £3500 spend a year to someone else who might do a better job.

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