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Rude unprofessional

On 04/13/2014 had lunch buffet, food was ask if everything was alright, I replied just OK. The response was what do you mean "JUST OK". The staff was rude. I was charged twice on my debit card and when I looked at my Bank statement I noticed it. I went back to Pizza Hut and they were rude about the incident, told me there was noway their register would not allow it to happen, I had the Bank statement with me and showed them. The team-leader was the only one there no manager, said she would give it to their manager and see if there was something they could do about it. I replied they better do something, she then told me to leave or she would call the Police.
I contacted the Corp. Office and they replied they were sorry about the rudeness, and someone would contact me in 3 days or so. Never mentioning the double charge on my card. Today is the 16th and still not heard from anyone.
To me this is card fraud. I have been going here for 20 years. They just don't seem to care about customer service. What a shame. My next step is to contact the Authorities and my Bank file charges for Unauthorized Card Use.


Got your money so tuff! Problem Resolved

I sell on line and have for 13 years, all positive feed backs. I decided to use Amazon check-out. Big mistake when my client used it they held the money, it sold on July 2nd and I have yet to receive payment. The buyer has the item.
They informed me that if I wanted payment quicker that I needed join some organization and get some kind of number for a fee of $229.00 to verify I am a legit seller . Truth be told Amazon most likely has stock in this company. There is nothing on Amazon about this, until you sell something of course. They only want big shoebox businesses not small merchants.
I have tried to cancel my account and have no where to do it. I was able to delete my credit card info. Now I continually get messages to update my credit card info, FAT CHANCE. Avoid this merchant processing engine. Check out Ripoff site.
Amazon has resolved the issue! It has changed my opinion.

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We first purchased a plot in 1986 for my youngest brother, later for my other brother in 2000. Later in 2002 for my Father, last 2005 for my Mother.
When I traveled to the cemetery to see the graves, and order the markers. (THEY COULD NOT FIND EITHER MY MOTHER NOR MY FATHERS PLOTS). When I went to the office to check they had a real hard time finding them. It took around 45 minutes. When they said they found them, the plots seemed different than what I remembered from the funeral. My Fathers funeral was under a tree near the Veterans area, which he is a Vet. My Mothers was many yards down, I remember because my friend that was with me commented on the distance. When they did find them they were side by side. I called recently to check on my Brothers plot it was covered with mud and mulch, and Fathers Veteran's marker and again they could not locate my Father's name. I was just there a month ago, I have two different business cards from two of the employee's I spoke with that day, and handed them the paperwork for the Vet's. marker. Now they can't find a record of him again. They sure remember the Thousands of dollars it takes to put them there. Everything for my parents was prepaid, markers, plots, vaults, and all. There should be no problems locating them or their plots. Unless you don't have them?
It is a disgrace anyone should have to go through this. I conveyed my disapproval at their way of business and the misplacement of bodies. Now I am wondering if my parent's are really there at all.
It is so strange that they have lost or misplaced their records twice in less than 4 months. I would avoid Catawba Memorial Park, Funerals and Cremations.


Pricy but affective

A week or so ago I was in our local Lowe's in Lenoir, NC. I purchased some items for plumbing, several of the same in size and price. There were no sku's, the cashier replied gruffly "YOU HAVE TO GO GET ME A SKU". I am sorry but I do not get paid to do anyone's job. I replied call the department and get it. She did but described the wrong item, ask for pvc, it was cpvc, which I showed her. Her attitude became more inflamed. I informed her there were no more I wanted them all. I walked back to the department got the empty box brought it to her and she still complained. The man in the plumbing dept. came up and told her that it was cpvc, not pvc. They have different prices. (Just as I told her).
Finally I had to request a manager. It was all totally uncalled for. To top it all off she denied it all. Luckily I had someone with me.
So it has come to customers doing everything, purchasing, price checking as well as paying, If that's the case you no longer need employee's. Pricy


New seller on Etsy

I am a new seller on this site and have found it to be a great place for my Artwork.
Though I have yet to make a sell I have found it easy to set up and navigate. You really can not beat the fee's.
There are a lot of creative people on the site with great items for sell. I am impressed.


Get alteritive to Ebay

I have been on Bonanza for 4 years. It has its glitches as does any online market place but over all its been great. I list as much and as many as I want and no fee till it sells.
The only complaint I could have is when they do maintenance you sometimes loose item descriptions. My items don't seem to be as prevalent on Google search as they were on E bay but over all I am content for now. All those fee's E Bay charges gos in my pocket not theirs.
Bonanza can not be blamed for a bad seller or bad buyer. We as buyers need to read everyone's policies, and we as seller's need to make our policies clear and concise.


Been good to me so far.

I have been selling on line sense PayPal began. I have had some issues but was always given a refund or my money returned whether buying or selling. I mainly sell, I have had buyers purchase and then claim the refund saying something was wrong. One lady even claimed the buyer protection and tried to claim the insurance I purchased on the item myself, an 17th century Con-fit Pot. She said it arrived broken, I ask for photos of it. It was broken sadly. She claimed a refund with PayPal and got it rightly so. But not with PayPal and try to claim the Insurance. I went through the US postal service and they investigated her and found in my favor. Sometimes things take time to solve. But they offered her the money or the item with no claim on the insurance, that went to me. I offer a refund if not as described, but you must return the item or items and the defect must not be from shipping (Insurance). All these things have to be listed in your seller agreement policies to ensure the sellers funds as well as the buyers are protected.
My sells are from all around the world I always get my money I retain a 100% feedback.
Sadly there are frauds on both sides of the fence, and sometimes hard to see. I can not change what has happened, just offer this before you buy or sell, read every word from the seller and from the purchase plan (PayPal,Google,Amazon, etc) Read all policies from both as well.
I am sorry for those that have had a bad experiences with PayPal, it is no fun.

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Louie Palmer
Male, 1954
Granite Falls, United States


I am an Artist/Designer have been self employed for over 29 years. My taste is eclectic and varied from French Country, Contemporary, Country Rustic and Traditional. I pride myself on attention to detail in every item or project I undertake. I have my murals, paintings, and custom floral in some of the finest Homes and Businesses in the country,as well as abroad (References available).
I merit the confidence I have been shown through the years, to all omy clients and want to assure the present and future clients that you can always rely on my integrity and expertise to provide you with our finest service.
The items I list are from my Shop in Asheville, NC. , most were used for display purposes. All silk flowers are from my florist (Laural Creek) and top quality, as my clients demand.
My FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT! Just as important as the Newspaper or Magazine reviews that have been written about me.