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Very good May have over paid but was worth it . The phone help wasent so grate tho

Went and saw passenger for my girlfriends 21st had a grate time and he was the best live act iv ever seen. I'd say get me in web site was very good and easy to work . I may have paid to much for my tickets at £150 each but as I said was worth it . I did make a phone call to them regarding my tickets tho and the girl on the phone wasent very helpfully as she did no what to say to any of my questions . Lethed me feeling abit un neverd about my tickets . One of my question was do I have some sort of back up if the show was canceled or if the person selling them just photo copy them and turn up and still used the tickets I brought resulting in mine being useless . Her anwser was pritty much no and only get face value of £20 each . After spending near on £330 after shipping and admin you would feel the same way .
But over all very easy to use and had no problems on the day even tho I had my doubts after my phone call.

Craig :)
Sorry about my spelling and gramma

MTB Monster (Mountain Bike Shop)

Very good communication

Brought an iteam that was on there site . Turn out they don't sell that product lol . Teething problem with new website . But got contracted within same day with apologies and was other A more expensive all turnativ for same price . .
All in all very happy . Woulda been 5 apart from that :) thanks

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