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Terrible Customer Servicies and awful courier company!

Just lately renewed my contract for the new iPhone 5 - called on 17th June and was told delivery would be on the 18th - nothing arrived. Called courier DPD - found out from them that Three had instructed them to hold the delivery for no reason at all.

I called Three and was told to expect my phone 21st June after they had done a 24 - 48 hour investigation into why it was held - still nothing arrived. Called Three again on the 24th - another 24 - 48 hour investigation as DPD the couriers 'may' have lost my parcel (Not surprising considering their reviews tbh) . Customer services staff don't give a ****. They keep repeating the same old rubbish; where one advisor had said he would chase up my concern in the morning and didn't - so I had to do the leg work myself!

EDIT* - Another delivery date was missed so I went in store. They can't find any of your details if you ordered online and couldn't help - what a joke! (*St Stephens, Hull)

Finally got the phone from the 3 shop after spending 45 minutes on the line to 3 and getting them to cancel the delivery so I could upgrade in store.

Best I got was 4.99 P+P refunded to my account - and will be looking to claim back the £15.00 of calls I had to make when they cut me off after sending a new sim out by mistake!

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Unreliable service - Do not use!

I was expecting a delivery on the 18th - DPD didn't deliver and told me to contact Three Mobile as it was an issue with them. After doing so I was told that my parcel would be redelivered on the 21st - it still didn't turn up. I waited in each day over the weekend in case it did - complete waste of time as nothing arrived. Called Three Mobile on 24th who are investigating the matter - as they have been told by DPD that they have lost the parcel - even though it was collected from Three and taken from Birmingham to York successfully!

Absolute shambles - I will be avoiding any retailers that use this courier and will be insisting that Three send out my replacement with a more reliable firm.

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