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Exante Diet

Great weight loss, okay products.

I mean it works, you do lose weight but my biggest problem is the products. I only like 2 products so it makes for a boring day. I dont like milkshakes normally so i didnt buy any, the soups are hit or miss, plus its hard living on pure liquid, so i was excited to see that exante had introduced porridge and pasta to their range. Unfortunately the porridge is awful, its a hold your nose and force it down kind of product. I have managed to force down 4 packs before i gave up, so i now have 21 packs that i will never touch. You cannot return for credit or request samples so you know what you like. The pasta is fine, its palatable and at least it feels as though you are eating something but it is nothing like the picture! haha, its like a cheese soup with pasta bits in it. The bars - i like the chocolate orange one but as i cant have nuts i cant order the other bar. Essentially it means i have 2 pastas and one orange bar a day so its a little repetitive. BUT, positively, you do lose weight and quickly so whilst my day is a little boring i am losing the weight which is what i want. You need a lot of willpower but its worth it. I would buy again.

20 June 2013

Reply from Exante Diet


I am pleased to hear that you are losing weight like you want.

Perseverance is key, as your taste for the products will change the longer you are on the diet.

so keep up the good work and let us know how your getting on.

Many thanks,

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