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Ann Summers Ltd

There aren't enough superlatives to describe how awful this company is.

After placing an order online my package was over a week late, so I contacted the Ann Summers. Apparently the package had never been dispatched. The company gave no apology but said they would dispatch it asap (over 3 weeks after the order date at this stage).
Again, the package was delayed. It appeared they had sent my order to the wrong address!
So, I was again left without my order.
The company offered to compensate me with gift vouchers.
I told them I had no intention of ordering with them ever again considering the service was so bad, so gift vouchers would be useless to me. I had been waiting over a month at this stage. I demanded a full refund and they agreed.

I waited another month, allowing plenty of time for the refund to clear through my bank. But it never arrived so I contacted the company again!!! They asked for bank statements to prove that I hadn't received the refund, as their own records said that it had been processed 3 weeks previously.
I am now waiting for the refund, assuming it ever comes. This nightmare has been ongoing for almost 3 months.
Frankly I am shocked that they are still in business considering their service is so incredibly bad.
The staff's apologies were feeble at best. The whole experience was just abysmal. I have never encountered a company as awful as Ann Summers. Don't waste your time or money!

Update: 24/01/2014
Hi Tom,
After several months of emailing to complain, the issue has still not been fully resolved.
I am still waiting to be refunded for the extra postage costs incurred by all the errors Ann Summers made.
Ann Summers seem to be ignoring my emails.
About 2 months ago one of their reps accidentally sent me a blank email.
I naively thought they might be trying to contact me about the refund but once I responded they continued to ignore me.
The refund for packaging is not a large amount but I am so furious with this company and I refuse to let them hang on to any of my money due to their incompetency.
At this stage I have no idea what to do. Their customer services team will not do it's job.
I tried to find details for someone higher up but to no avail.
I hope you have better luck with your problem.
Ann Summers is THE WORST!

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25 February 2014

Reply from Annsummers

Dear Customer
I am very concerned to read of your difficulties with both our delivery service and subsequently in gaining a refund.

Please contact us at custserv@annsummers.com quoting TrustPilot Complaint so that we can investigate and resolve this issue for you as soon as possible.



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