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Terrible customer service buy a cheap tool to enhance your website

I have found Trustpilot to be a cheap tool to enhance our website although I'm not sure if it really adds much value but certainly ticks a box for new customers.

However, our problems really started when we were unhappy about something and tried to get it resolved with customer service. They refused to help or give any good reason why they wouldn't help and told me "we consider this matter closed". They were incredulous when I asked for this to be escalated to senior management and the person who signed us up (who I assume to be our account manager has no interest in helping us).

If I could rate 0 our of 5 I would.

Wow, I have just seen the rating that Truspilot's own customers give it. 2 starts, 4.7 out of 10. I wish I had read this before signing up.

I just received a response "I’m not sure what you wish senior management to do about this." and a refusal to pass on our complaint as well as what feels to me to be repeated accusations that we are being dishonest.

Great customer focused response from Trustpilot "Please do not include me in any more e-mails. I consider this a matter between yourself and support from now on."

I have received a sudden turnaround in helpfulness at Trustpilot after having
a) Created this review & updated it with each discussion
b) Emailed a friend who happens to be a senior partner at one of Truspilot's investors
c) Emailed the CEO of Trustpilot directly
It should require this much to get helpful support, rather than being stonewalled (although I'm still not getting what I want)

You don't seem to have read my review, you appear to be replying to my complaint within this review.
This review is a complaint about your service where you stonewall me, refuse to escalate my complaint and refuse to engage with me.
I was complaining about a single (dishonest) negative review about my business. We bend over backwards to help our customers and will do everything within our power to help them whereas Trustpilot seem to have gone to the EasyJet school of unhelpful customer service.

Just after posting this I scroll down to see even more 1 star reviews from other very unhappy customers plus a host of suspended reviews for your own business.
Please remember, happy customers make a good business.

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24 June 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Dear Philip,

Thank you for reviewing Trustpilot.

Like every other company Trustpilot aims for a high trustscore, and we appreciate all feedback that can help us improve our product and service.

The main purpose of Trustpilot is to provide a platform that enables consumers to share their buying experience with other users. As it is an open platform it is possible for any user or company to report reviews that they believe that they contravene our guildelines. Once reported, one of our employees will investigate the review. Depending on the reason the review was reported for, we may ask the reviewer for further information. When the investigation process is done, the review will either be restored or removed permanently.

In your case we have investigated the review and can see that it is written by one of your customers. The content does not contravene our review guidelines in any way and as a platform provider we do not intervene in any disputes between the parties.

We have therefore put the review back online.

I hope this answers your questions.

You can read more about our guidelines here:

Best regards

Ghazaleh Mobkie,
Quality & Compliance Manager

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