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No buyer protection, Inefficient dispute mechanism

I started using the aliexpress 3 months ago, and I have to say that you get the feeling that everybody is trying to cheat you.
I have made 6 purchases in the same period. 4 of them were delivered normally, but the other 2 were never delivered.
In one case, I missed the dispute date and there was no way to get my money back. After a long ping-pong with the seller, he admitted that the product was never sent and he agreed to refund me but directly to my Paypal account.

In the second case, the buyer still insists that he sent the item (1 month after my payment!!!) and I am still stuck in the dispute procedure. I have escalated my dispute and my status is....
Status: Dispute escalated
Reminder: The dispute has been escalated. Your dispute will be submitted to our Case Management Team. We will contact you at the complaint center within 2 calendar days.
I have this message 12 days now :(

I am a frequent buyer at ebay and I have to admit that I never reached such a situation.
Simply 2 out of 6 is statistically very hi. I think that I am done with aliexpress.

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