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Daylight Robbery

So, because I was so disappointed with the connectivity in my area I cancelled my contract with Vodafone in October 2012. In November 2012, they sent me a demand for the month's subscription, despite the fact they had acknowledged the cancellation. They told me it was my fault, because I had asked them for a PUC code & cancellation - they only do one or the other apparently...So, I had to pay a £15 account settlement fee, by Credit card, or they would mark my credit history etc. I paid, thinking that was it. then I got a credit note for OVERPAYMENT in January 2013 - for £14.59! Except the credit note had to be paid into an account. I never got the money, so in Feb 2013 I rang to find out why - they had no record of my last payment, so didn't know how to refund the money (apparently they can't do cheques!). I was told I'd have the money in 5 working days if I gave them bank details. 10 days later, it hadn't come, so I rang back - they had no record of process started again. same thing, 10 days later, no money. after 6 weeks of this, I gave up ringing & started writing complaint mails. I received customer service manager contact, call centre manager mails, complaints team mails, all apologising for the terrible service & confirming I'd have my money in 5 days...again. Finally, at the start of June (yes, 8 months later) they confirmed they would refund the money and give me a further £15. they even sent me another credit note to prove....and yet I still don't have the money, 10 working days after I was told I would have it in 5....what on earth do I have to do to get the money back! thinking about taking legal advice...

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