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Sheer incompetence and rudeness.

They are an unbelievably incompetent company, which has rude and unhelpful advisers (except the odd few), and seems completely incapable of resolving any issues. I would strongly advise avoiding this lot.


I've been with Virgin Media in it's various incarnations for almost 15 years. To be honest after previous problems I should have simply given up. Generally after a fight, I'd get the problem resolved, and things would move on. Like any service, it's great when it works. When something goes wrong, it just spirals into a hopeless pit of despair.
The latest one started with an email telling me about bright sparkly new things happening to my Virgin line (national, not cable). After their apparent upgrades to the exchange the following happened:
- The download speed dropped from about 11Mbps to roughly 6.5Mbps.
- The upload speed went from 1Mbps to practically nothing - occasionally 0.05Mbps
- The router decided to regularly unlink from the internet
- The router decided that wifi was optional, regularly disconnecting 3 separate devices, all with different operating systems - ie leading me to believe the router is the cause!

To be honest, it was a simple issue and I thought it could be resolved quickly.

So I go online and follow the "report your issue online". Followed through almost 20 minutes of diagnosis questions that were rather silly, followed all the unplug/leave 5 minutes/reset instructions to get to the final "report your issue" bit. It advised me to ring 150. I could have saved almost an hour of faffing by ringing the call centre - knowing I'd have to go through it all again.
The formal VM "twitter" account advised me to complete a form at a link they sent. Spent a good 20 minutes entering all the information into the form, including a breakdown of issues with technical data. Clicked submit and the form failed to work. More time wasted.
Rang the call centre, and got through to their offshore call centre. The advisor started asking security questions including "who I bank with" and other such personal information. Then as diagnosis starts, she asks me to go to a specific website and "give her control of my pc". I terminated the call immediately.
Two things come to mind - a) why would anyone in their right mind grant someone on the other side of the world access to their PC - talk about inviting invasion of privacy and viruses; and b) How on earth does she have access to my bank details.

Having been previously stung by issues regarding the call centres offshore, I choose to not deal with them, simply because they are accessing my personal information WITHOUT any sort of legal structure (as they operate outside UK law).
Finally I wrote to the Chief Executive, knowing that an advisor in their complaints section would answer it.
First call was at 8am, which doesn't help when you're asleep. Second call at 12:30 was rude, distasteful and aggressive. I was accused of racism in some fabricated delusion from the advisor, and resolutely refused any sort of help.
After terminating the call due to his constant insinuations of unfounded racism, I called back asking to be dealt with by someone else. The answering advisor puts the rude one back on the phone, and I was offered a manager's callback in a WEEK. That was the final straw.

I then called back to obtain my MAC code, to take my business elsewhere, and spoke to a lady who is sincerely a credit to VM. She was polite, pleasant and very understanding. MAC code arrived in minutes and I proceeded with my order to move to another network; date agreed as about 2 weeks hence.
VM then sends me an email to confirm I'm leaving today, and that they're cutting my services off today. Yet another phone call ensues, and they say it's a mistake and it's set for 2 weeks hence - so we'll see what happens at midnight tonight.

All in all I have been accused of racism (unfounded), refused any help with my service, given information that has prompted me to call them each time, and frankly wasted time I'd rather spend watching paint dry. I have given VM the benefit of the doubt over the years, and stuck with them despite some of their shockingly appalling customer service. Being accused of racism was the final straw.
So my services go elsewhere. Perhaps it's time they dropped the "Virgin" brand, given that they absolutely don't offer the expected customer service of other Virgin group companies.

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