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Wein & Vinos

Das was versprochen wurde, wurde auch 100% eingehalten.

Puenkliche und vollstaendige Lieferung in Kombination mit fairen Preisen sind gut fuer die volle Punktzahl. Ich hoffe die Erfahrung wird bei zukuenftigen Bestellungen bestaetigt.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Worst online shopping experience ever made - no delivery and no refund so far

Update 2/07/13
6 days after my request I got a response. This was even more a joke, because the first sentences were just copied from a former email ("Good news: the items will be released within the week").
But the bad surprise followed: "In view of the above information, kindly confirm whether you still wish to pursue a refund on the order and we will contact the courier accordingly. Note that a cancellation /refund will be processed once the goods are returned back to us. Our returns dept will contact you on receipt of the parcel directly and arrange its refund."
Firstly it is a joke to make a statement " in view of the above information". The information was 100% copied from a previous email 4 days ago. This wasn't a new information.
Secondly they introduced a new condition for the refund. The goods have to returned to their warehouse. However I have a lot of evidence, that the goods never left the warehouse. So they are in full control whether and when I'm getting the refund. My sorrows were fully confirmed that this company will be extremely innovative to delay the refund or even worse to denial this.
Furthermore I got some legal advice today with respect to the Customer Protection act. There is a section which deals with the " Power of customs officer to detain goods". The maximum period to detain goods is limited to 2 working days. My items are detained by customs over more than 3 weeks according to the messages I'm getting from this company. This is just an untrue information.
The questions is now whether Simply Electronics knows about this fact. As a prudent and experienced importer of goods to UK they should. So there are only two alternatives: Either they are incompetent or they are lying. I guess you don't want to make business with them in either case.

Update 25/06/13:
since 4 days no reaction on the canceled order, despite the promise to react within a working day. Conclusion: The good experience I made in the beginning was most likely triggered by the wish to gain my trust. Now since it got more complicated you can't call it customer service anymore.
Potentially they want to delay the refund. I'm already curious which kind of excuses they will find why the refund is delayed.
So I reduced the rating to one star, because I suspect their business model is somehow not in line with standard principles.

Initial rating
A next day delivery was promised. Now I'm waiting 2 weeks already for the delivery. However some positive things: they always reacted within 24 hours on my questions. Today an 8GB card was offered to compensate for the Long waiting. But in addition I was asked to wait another "few days" because the customs clearance needs more time (officially the goods are hold for 2 weeks in customs already).
At the same time he UK customs told me, that this isn't true. They don't hold lenses or cameras for an extra check for 2 weeks (never!). I wonder whether it is a better idea to cancel the order. I will give an update how long I had to wait for the payback.
1) The response time on my queries slowed down. Now I got an response after 48 hours only. Furthermore no news: "Good news: the items will be realeased within the week". These message I got twice already.
2) UK customs informed that such intensive clearance doesn't exists - Who should I trust?
3) Simply Electronics made an offer to cancel my order and promised a full refund. Of course this makes sense, because the price of the camera (Canon 6D) has increased according to their webpage.
4) Nevertheless I made use of the generous offer and abandoned the purchase.

I will update the comment about the process of the refund. So far I'm naive and optimistic that at least this will go well. That the reason why I keep the rating at 2 stars.

Overall the experience with this company is pretty bad and I can't not recommend to do business with them.

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28 June 2013

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear T.D,

Our apologies, we'll be in touch soon with updates on your request to cancel as we're nearing a resolution with our couriers. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.


Vanessa Carroll

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