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PC Specialist Ltd

Brilliant Service

I have taken to reading reviews on here after some bad experiences with online companies and in the past I have only used it in a negative way, shaming companies that have provided poor products or service. As such it is nice to be able to use this to praise a company for going above and beyond what they said they would do.

I chose PCSpecialist because the reviews on here had been so positive and because the pricing for the build i wanted (though expensive) was, i thought, comparatively well priced. The website was easy to use, i am not an expert by any means with regards to tech but i am able to understand to a fairly decent level and had no issues deciding on which products would be best for my build. I really like that their tool not only highlighted a compatability issue but it also informed me that the power supply i had ordered was more than I required and i could afford to get a cheaper option and still have sufficient power (though i needed the higher power for SLI.

I recieved a call a few days later to inform me that one of the Hard drives I had ordered was not compatable with my mother board, i was given a range of options and Tom who called was kind enough to explain to me which would be best to achieve the results I was after, and also informed me that due to the difference in price between the options i could upgrade my second Hard drive and be refunded the difference.

from placing my order to dispatch has taken 7 days, and hopefully it will arrive before 12noon tomorrow (saturday) as per instructions. At every step I have been kept informed of the status of my order and it has moved much faster than I has expcted it to.

It really is nice to deal with a company that realised that communication with their customers goes such a long way to keeping them happy and even if there had been delays i would have been fine waiting as they were so attentive with information that I would not have been left wondering what was going on.

I will definately come back to PC Specialist in future for any similar requirements.


Avoid at all costs

I placed my order for a Samsung camera for my girlfriends birthday on the 5th if June. The item in question was listed as in stock and cost around £280. It was cheaper than else where and they would have it with me between the 10th and the 12th of June (her birthday was the 20th).

The 12th arrived and no delivery, I logged in and it was not even listed as dispatched. I emailed them to ask what the hold up was. I was already annoyed that they hadn't bothered to tell me that there would be a delay. I received an apologetic response and was informed there was a delay (basically confirming what I had told them) and asking if I wanted a refund or if I wanted to wait. I still had a week until her birthday so I said I would wait, but could they confirm when it would arrive.

They did not get back to me to confirm when it would arrive.

A couple of days passed and the status still has not changed to dispatched. The item was still listed as in stock however on their website. I emailed again and said please tell me why it's not been delivered and when it will be delivered. I was informed that it was a hold up with their supplier, that the in stock comment was based on their information (so essentially it's in stock somewhere, not with them though) and they were expecting a delivery in 3-5 days.

Despite my direct questions they did not tell me if my item would be in that delivery, when I could expect to receive my item or if anything would be done to speed up the process (ie. next day delivery when they did receive it).

Her birthday has now passed, I still have not received my item, I still have not been told when I will recieve it, they have offered no reassurance about when it will arrive, any steps they will take to compensate me (please not store credit, I would never buy from them again) and the only reason I have not accepted their offer of a refund (yet) is because from the reviews I have now read it seems I would wait a further 30 days to recieve my money back.

As such the best case scenario is now that my girlfriend receives her gift a week late, worst case a month + late after I get my money back and buy it (at increased cost) from a reputable retailer.

I will tell anyone that will listen not to use WAE+ under any circumstances, every step of my experience has been frustrating and ultimately it has taken any joy from giving this gift.

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