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Customer Service a Joke

We have had BT since Jack was a lad,and had to share a phone line,for the last three years we have had nothing but trouble,called customer service on numerous occasions,regarding our phone line,couldnt hear people talking to us it was very crackly,four visits from engineers (waste of time) explained the fault to them,regarding the phone,oh yes it is now sorted,Broadband speed non existent,we would have to sort that out with Orange our broadband supplier.Bt also tried to charge us for the engineer to visit.Had argument after argument with them,and got a credit in the end.I then changed to BT broadband what a joke,they promised 14 MB speed i was getting 2 MB,this has gone on from November of last year.
Phoned again six weeks ago,the guy i spoke to (when i could understand him)said that he was an engineer and the fault sounded like it was in the the house he then advised me to take the front of the connection box of,go out and buy a new front,this should cure the problem,excuse me arent BT responsible for the box.
I then spoke to a manager who in turn sent engineer out, what a star, found the fault straight away in the exchange box 100 yards up the road,apparently it was a dry joint?i explained what the guy had said about the box,he fell about laughing.
What i didnt realise was that the phone and broadband are two different departments,when you phone to complain about a fault its as if one does not have the capability to handle the other,yet its the same engineer who comes out to rectify.
Come on BT get your act together when your service is good you cannot be beaten but how often does that happen.All is well now in my world,after three years of problems,please send the same engineer next time.

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