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Item missing from order and no refund given!

I ordered from PC world a cheap mouse and webcam. A package came with the webcam included but no mouse, although the delivery note said the mouse should have been in the package too. I was directed to KnowHow from PC world's website and talked to someone that told me the mouse will be re-dispatched and sent to me as soon as possible.
A week later I rang again and talked to someone who told me that no order was on the system that said another mouse should be sent (back to square one). So I instead asked for a refund, since the mouse was only £4.99, I thought it would just be easier to go into a shop rather than wait for one to be delivered.
Another week or so passed and no refund had entered my bank account so I rang again. I was told that a form should have been sent out that I needed to fill out and return for my refund and that it would be delivered shortly (more hassle).
More time passed, rang again as form hadn't arrived, I was told I didn't need to fill out a form in my situation and should have just been issued an immediate refund and this would be completed immediately, however it obviously wasn't.
After all this, I would have given up for the sake of £4.99, perhaps I was being driven by my principles, but then I realised that I'd been ringing a premium rate number, and so I have actually spent more money ringing to complain than the mouse is worth! (A bit of a stupid oversight on my behalf, I admit!) So now I've sent an e-mail, hoping that someone will reply as I don't fancy ringing up again.
I first made this complaint on the 19th April and it is now 21st June and still unresolved. Ridiculous, I won't buy anything from PC World/ Curry's again.

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