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Not as good as they used to be - watch out for sneaky price increases!

I've used Expedia a lot over the years and until recently I'd fallen into the habit of not even checking elsewhere when booking flights. But I wouldn't recommend them anymore and am looking at the alternatives.

They do quote some very attractive prices, but watch out for messages such as "Your ticket price changed from £329.35 to £491.15. The airline could not confirm the original price due to pricing or availability changes that occurred after we posted the latest prices on our site. Continue booking or look for a different flight". I could understand that if the prices were back into sync a few hours later. But it seems to be systematic, trying to book again after a few hours or even on another day and the same problem comes up - a very attractive price that then goes up by about 50%.

There is supposedly a phone option, but it switched from asking me to wait one minute to telling me that all their operators were busy, then repeated the "all our operators are busy" message without any gaps in until I just had to put the phone down.

Then when you try and complain by email whenever you try to click on the email option it takes you through a menu of standard faqs rather than actually letting you send them an email.

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