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I chose to book the hotel and transfer for my girly holiday to Magaluf as they had the best price around (should've know this was too good to be true).

I made the booking on 10/01/13 I chose The Sotavento Apartments as me and my friends all loved the look of the hotel, it was number one on tripadvisor and seemed to have a really good vibe about it.

We paid a small deposit to alpharooms for the hotel and transfer of just over £25, the remaining balance was to be paid by 23/06/13 as we are set to depart on 21/07/13.

On 19/06/13 I attempted to pay the remaining balance, entered all the card details etc and submitted them, on the next page I was met with an error and given the number for customer services which was shut as it was nearly 22.00pm. So in the box below which emailed alpharooms with my problem I explained the situation of trying to pay the outstanding balance.
Just out of curiosity I decided to email Sotavento Apartments directly to make sure the booking had been made.

On 20/06/13 Sotavento had emailed me back and had no record of our booking. Alpharooms had also emailed me back about the issue with payment and proceeded to tell me that

'due to overbooking they can no longer fulfil the reservation as originally booked. Alternative accommodation has been offered in accordance with our terms & conditions as follows:

The Samos Hotel 3* is located in Magaluf. The alternative is approximately 1.2km away from the original. You will receive the two double rooms on the Bed and Breakfast board basis. You will also receive a compensation in the form of Upgrade in board basis.'

Upon calling customer services we were told their booking agents 'Euro-rooms' had overbooked Sotavento so had offered us accommodation at Samos hotel instead or we could accept a Full refund.
Alpharooms told us they had recieved this information on 11/06/13 so over a week on they still hadn't informed us!! and were going to let us pay the outstanding balance for a booking that didn't exist!!
I told them I wasn't happy with the alternative accommodation we were being offered for many reasons :
-the decor of the hotel is extremely dated
-the location
-the fact we would now be split into two rooms of three people - which the rooms at Samos don't look big enough for so wouldn't have much space for three young girls to be getting ready for nights out etc.
-no cooking facilities (we were planning on making our meals at Sotavento as they were fully equipped apartments)
-would have to fork out more money for buying our own food.

I asked if it was possible to make us another offer of at least a half board basis - as there is no way to cater for ourselves, or for a reduction the the remaining price as we would need to buy our own meals.
They said they would pass this on to Euro-rooms and get back to us.
I asked why the overbooking had occurred which was met with 'I dont know' - very helpful, they told us Euro-rooms had sent Alpharooms confirmation of the accommodation booking on the 12/01/13 (2 days after we booked) then contacted them again on 11/06/13 to say that it was now overbooked so unavailble to us!
How could this have possibly happened when in March we lookeds and rooms at Sotavento (on Sotaventos own website) were still available for the same dates we've booked! So how could they have ever become overbooked if they were still for sale?!

Over a day later still no news - how hard is it to say either yes or no to our inquiries?

I called them again today 21/06/13 to check up on the situation after speaking to citizens advice who told me that by offering a refund they are admitting liability to breaching the contract. I was told they still hadn't heard back from Euro-rooms and would keep chasing it up but couldn't give me a time frame on resolving this!
I asked what card details they had saved - which was my sisters card as she paid the deposit- so I said if you still haven't heard back from euro-rooms by Sunday 23/06/13 (three days away!) what happens about the outstanding balance - they said they would take it from the card details they had saved!!!
To which I was astonished and disgusted! I said if we've still not come to an agreement I'm not paying for this, they said the only way the holiday would be safe would be if we paid on Sunday or we can always cancel for a full refund - Which I told them countless times is pointless now as nearly every hotel is booked up and charging over the odds as the dates we go are a month away!! If they had told us this months ago - when we first booked - then maybe we could find alternative accommodation to our standards!

I honestly feel that alpharooms are dragging their feet until they get the rest of the money on Sunday then will say no sorry we can't offer you anything else - and we will be stuck in a run down hotel, having to pay out more money for food which we haven't budgeted for .

Overall the service has been dire. We have been left in the lurch, I question if we would have ever been told of the issue before we got there!! What if we hadn't of gone out of our way to contact them and found this out - we would have got there and not had enough money to eat!!

Beyond Poor service - can't even do the sole thing they are there for - book rooms!!
Pointless shoddy company - no sympathy AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!

25 June 2013

Reply from

Dear Ms Brooksbank

I am sorry about the situation you encountered when booking you holiday. Unfortunately the supplier did not have the availability in the hotel you wanted and offered you an equivalent alternative, in addition we offered you the opportunity to cancel the accommodation, which you accepted and you have subsequently been fully refunded.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Kind regards, team

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