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I was looking for a Sapphire 7870 XT graphics card which I found the cheapest in their website which I thought at the time looked legit enough and it was £20 cheaper than amazon.. so I was going to order it but saw that it would take 7-8 working days to get so I left their website before completing the order. Then I got an email from them (automated one) saying I'd get free delivery and 3-4 working days to send. So I took the bait and ordered the card.
Didn't see much activity in their site getting closer to the dispatch date so I called them a few times and I went through mostly to someone in India that would give me generic answers. Also their online messaging system is horrible and they give you generic answers there as well. After a lot of chasing I was told its shipped from their warehouse in France. Eventually after my chasing I got it a day later and I wasn't suprised to see they had sent me an inferior card, similar model but definitely not what I ordered. So then I sent it back asked for a refund which took close to a month to process. I chased it a couple of times going again to people in India and I did tell them that I would report them to trading standards if I don't get it so I got in 28 days which I think its a ridiculous amount of time to process a refund.
I ended up buying the item from amazon in the end and received in 3 days although in their site it said 6-7 working days. In other words I'd avoid them and have told everyone else I know to avoid this site. AVOID

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