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The Whisky Exchange

Excellent variety at great prices

I wanted to buy my fiance a bottle of limited edition Highland Park whisky (The Vikings Collection - Einar), which is generally only available duty free. The non duty-free sites that were offering it were exorbitant (£75 and upward). I found the exact whisky at Whisky Exchange for just under £65 (including the postage and packaging), and it arrived (by tracked delivery) within 2 days, extremely safely packaged. What more can you ask for? Excellent!!


Always impresses!

I've been buying online from Robinsons for years (not lucky enough to live near any of their store unfortunately), and have always been impressed with the range of goods, prices and customer service.

They regularly beat similar companies on prices, and their new Riders' Rewards scheme is great - every purchase earns points which count towards future purchases. This is in addition to regular money-off offers.

Delivery is usually pretty speedy and communication is good. I've yet to have to chase any orders up, and I've placed a lot of orders over the years!

If only they'd open a store in Scotland!!


Astounding value & service

After out bedroom TV/DVD combo suddenly went "Phut!" last Saturday, we began (with heavy hearts) trawling the web for a suitable replacement. Not wanting to spend a fortune (particularly this close to Christmas) we were dismayed to find that most of the TVs in our price range were hitherto unheard of brands that seemed to offer very little in the way of spec.

That was before we stumbled across Finlux Direct. I had heard of the brand previously, but initially didn't think we'd find anything to suit, being of the impression that they were a prestige brand.

You can imagine how amazed we were to find a fabulous 19" HDTV with built in (multi-region) DVD player, plus PVR function, allowing us to 'record' live TV...and all for £117 including delivery!

We duly placed the order, with some apprehension, as it really did seem to good to be true. We received confirmation the next day that the TV was on its way and, as promised, it arrived promptly the next day.

It was simplicity to set up, and is equally easy to use. The picture quality is stunning! The audio is marginally on the tinny side, but we've managed to fiddle around with the audio settings to get it to more to our liking. This really is the only negative thing we can say about this TV!

Seriously impressed with the Finlux brand (amazing quality, and ridiculously low prices) and Finlux Direct (fabulous customer service).

Superb all round!!!

Royal Mail

Appalling!!!! (excluding my local postie who is fabulous!)

I recently had to send my driving licence (both paper and photo card parts) to DVLA in Swansea to have my photo updated. As these are such important documents, I sent them by recorded & tracked delivery.

This was my first mistake! The licence has not yet (nearly 3 months later) arrived at DVLA...according to the tracking information on the Royal Mail's website, it is still at the post office branch I handed it into (not so, incidentally!).

I have complained about this numerous times and have been repeatedly fobbed off. No-one takes any ownership of complaints or problems, and no-one EVER admits that the Royal Mail is in the wrong, or offers an apology.

I eventually submitted a complaint, and a claim for compensation, nearly 6 weeks ago. I received a response to this...asking me to submit a claim for compensation! When I replied that I already had, and that their response was in relation to that, I heard no more. To date, I have not received any compensation, apology, or explanation. I do not have my driving licence, and will now have to pay £20 for a replacement (and God only knows who has my original licence - very worrying in the current climate of indentity fraud).

The only redeeming feature of the Royal Mail for me is my local postie, who is a gem. He's unfailingly helpful and cheerful...the Royal Mail could really do with employing a few thousand more like him!!



I was pleasantly surprised to see a Judith Glue shop whilst in Kirkwall recently. Being from Edinburgh, I instantly recognised the shop front, as there used to be a couple of Judith Glue shops in Edinburgh a few years back (I must admit, I had no idea that Judith was Orcadian!)

I spent an enjoyable Sunday morning browsing the shelves and collecting a few treasures to remind me of my lovely time in Orkney...I particularly love my 'London, New York, Paris, Kirkwall' mugs!!

It's a really lovely, well-laid out shop, in one of the most beautiful buildings in one of the most beautiful streets - a real prime location directly across the road from St Magnus Cathedral. There is a really lovely array of very eclectic, quality clothing and knitwear, jewellery and gifts. None of your cheap, touristy tat here!! I also discovered the stunning watercolours of Orkney scenes, painted by Jane Glue (Judith's sister) and bought a couple of her prints (subseqently buying a further 3 to compliment them from Jane's website on my return home!)

Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I didn't have time to check out the real-food cafe at the back of the shop, but intend to during my next visit to Orkney. It would appear that there may actually be something that a vegan like me can order...a rare thing in a cafe that is not exclusively catering for vegans.

Can't wait to get back to Orkney, and will definitely be paying a return visit to Judith Glue when I do!!


Quick, easy & simple

Have recently travelled from John 'o Groats to Orkney and back with Pentland Ferries. I was not looking forward to this part of the journey, but actually found it a surprisingly enjoyable experience!

I was easily able to find the crossing dates and times I wanted and book them online with no fuss or difficulty. The website is easy to navigate around and use. Very good prices for 2 adults and one car (£122 return all in) - much cheaper than some of the competitors serving the same ferry routes.

Booking in was easy, and boarding the car much less stressful than I had imagined it would be. Loved the amazing views over the Pentland Firth during the journey - there is a lower, covered seated lounge with TV and a hot and cold food buffet available. I stayed up top so I could enjoy the amazing scenery, but also to escape the overpowering stench of greasy burgers - the only downside to the trip for me.

My only other grumble is that, despite being the 2nd car to arrive and queue for boarding at St Margaret's Hope in Orkney, we were one of the last to actually be boarded, and subsequently one of the last off the ferry at the end of the journey. We got there early precisely so we could avoid being last off...seems a little pointless to get there an hour in advance for nothing (the other side of the journey, Gills Bay at John O'Groats operated a first-come, first-on/first-off policy, which is far better).

In summary, a quick and reasonably priced ferry crossing, which was enjoyable to boot. We'll definitely be booking with Pentland Ferries for our next trip to Orkney!

ParcelHero to Zero :-(

I used ParcelHero for the first time last week, and was very impressed, intending to use them going forward.

However...looks like it was too good to be true :-(

I arranged for a parcel to be collected from me yesterday between 4-6pm. This was perfect for me as I was at work until 3pm. When I got home at 3.30pm, there was a UPS card through my door telling me the courier tried to collect at 12.35!
I got straight on the phone to ParcelHero to complain and sort this out. The girl I spoke with said that the courier wasn't able to attempt to collect again today and that "if they're in your area earlier than the time you have arranged collection, they'll try to do it then." This is NOT clearly stated on their website - you are offered either 9-6; 12-6; 3-6, or 4-6 time slots. Nowhere does it say that the time you pick is not guaranteed to be honoured. I was then offered to have the parcel collected at the same time on Monday. This is not suitable because: 1) my client is expecting to receive the item on Monday. and 2) I will be at work from 11.30am-08.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so will not be home at that time to hand the parcel over to the courier.

I arranged for the parcel to be collected between 4-6pm on Friday for EXACTLY these reasons. I do not think this is an unreasonable request, nor is it unreasonable to expect this service to be carried out as expected.

Next, I was told I could take the parcel to my nearest UPS depot and drop it off there. However, on entering the tracking number into the UPS website, I learn that I will be expected to pay a surcharge to them for the privilege of driving over there myself and handing in an item I have already paid to have collected!!

At this point, I realised that I was getting no-where, and that the excellent service I received from ParcelHero last week was obviously a blip! I e-mailed and asked for my payment to be refunded, on the basis that I have not been provided with the service I paid for. I was therefore very bemused to receive a reply stating that my refund would be made within 5 working days MINUS A £5 SURCHARGE!!! This is a disgrace!! You have not offered the service I paid for, and have been unable to offer any alternative to assist me, but you expect to keep £5 of my money for nothing!!!

I intend to take this to Trading Standards as I fail to see why I should be liable to any charges for requesting a refund for a service that you failed to provide.


Diabolical - avoid this farce of a company at all costs!!

I never thought I'd find a company who could surpass the abysmal service offered by Yodel but, amazingly, MyHermes have managed this!!

I don't know where to begin...non-existent customer service, items not collected, misinformation (aka "lies"), fraudulent signing for delivery of items, items disappearing whilst in their 'care' (I use that word ironically), items left out in full public view to be nicked, items nicked by couriers, items deliberately damaged by operatives, massive delays, no response to e-mails, being kept hanging for ages on a 10p-a-minute phone line.....need I go on?!!

Seriously, avoid this company - I can't believe that they are legally allowed to continue trading, such is the breadth of their incompetence and downright shifty business practices. They may be cheaper than some other courier companies, but with MyHermes, you don't even get what you pay for.

I wish I could give these cowboys minus stars!

Millbry Hill Online

The first place I go when I need horsey supplements!

I've been buying supplements and health care items for my horse from Millbryhill for quite some time now, and have always been very impressed.

Excellent prices, with free delivery over £40 makes this site a winner for me! I've never had any issues with items being out of stock, and have received everything quickly and in perfect condition.

I'll be a customer for years to come!

24 June 2013

Reply from Millbry Hill Online

Thank you for your kind comments Jo. We appreciate all feedback received and will endeavour to continue to bring great service to our customers.

Kind Regards,

The Millbry Hill Team

Fabulous Fonebank!!

I totally love Fonebank!!

I've used them a three times now to sell my redundant mobiles, and have never had a single problem or issue. They are quick and easy to use and offer really good prices too. I feel entirely confident posting my phones off to them - unlike many other similar companies!

I'll definitely be using them again in future.

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