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I fell for this well known scam :(

Unfortunately I fell for the scam from Rapid data, wish I googled the reviews before sending off my external drive, but I was desperate to get my data back and they seemed so friendly on the phone.

Sent off my drive, was told the most expensive repair would be £300, which I thought ok as I had 190gb on my drive. Then they get back to me, quoting serious issues with my drive and the price would now be £425+ vat+delivery to recover 80gb of files. They emailed me the file list in an attachment, but none of those showed the size. When I told them I would think about it and call them back, the pressure started saying that they are really busy, can only keep my files on their servers for a day so I need to make a decision. They also reduced the price to £320+vat plus delivery, all ended up costing about £390. I paid, then after about an hour I got cold feet and called them to cancel. Was told the work has already started and could not be stopped. Whatever. They promised to deliver in three days and so far so good - the package arrived when they said it would.

What I got was an internal hard drive for which I had to go out and buy and enclosure costing £30, in order to connect the drive to my computer. I was told once I return their drive, mine would be sent back..... yeah right.

First - the so called recovered files - loads of them were just empty folders with nothing in them. Then loads of the files that had something in them had some unreadable unix files that I could not access. I deal with high-res photography and needed some of the images that were not backed up on discs, so imagine my horror when loads of those photographs were "recovered" as a negative? Many high res photos size 100mb each are in the form of negative and unreadable!

Tried calling and emailing, got one email back that customer services would be contacting me regarding my concern. Fat chance, heard nothing! In the end I gave up, sent back their drive so at least I could get my own drive back to give it to someone who could actually do the job, but so far no drive and no word from Rapid data. My drive cost me £200 so I could do with it back to have it repaired.

Luckily paid by cc so called them so they froze the amount pending the investigation. Now I just have to prove somehow that the data I got was not what I was told I'd get.
So yes, another unhappy customer.

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