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Quality, Value and yes, signs already of weight loss in one week.

Our cat was/is obese, and was always whining for food even though there was food left in her bowl. We we feeding her wet pouches with jelly, and it was mainly the jelly she ate.
After taking her to the vet we were told she was clinically obese (she always had a "low under-carriage") She's not that big (in body size/length) but weighed over a stone (about 7.6kg by the vet's scales.)
We bought some of the vet's approved satiety food which came in little 20g pouches, a little pricey maybe, but you do what you think is right. Stumbled across this on the web, gave it a try and now she's drinking more water, losing weight, not pestering for more food and quite content!
We even got a delivery date, and on the morning a 1hr window when it was to be delivered, and yes it came 10 mins into that 1 hour slot and we live pretty rural.

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