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Minus 5 stars (1 star because that is the minimum rating).

If you need to return a product within the 7 day window the Distance Selling Regulations affords you, expect them to hard ball you like they did to me.

They will do *everything* to stall you and then say you have missed the 7 days return window. When you stand you ground and eventually return the product they will hit you with a hefty charge.

All of this is illegal and infringes upon your statutory rights.

Avoid this company - pay a bit more from a reputable company who respects their customers legal statutory rights.

Ignore the glowing reviews on here - they are all fictitious and posted by DirectTVs themselves.

If you have any problems with them infringing on your statutory rights, get a full refund from your credit card company. Failing that, issue a small claims judgement at your local County Court.

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