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Utterly incompetent customer communication and service

I agree with all the negative comments here. We recently moved to Talk Talk and they mistakenly assigned the account to that of my late father (who used to be a customer) and so were trying to debit a closed bank account. I set the account up online on behalf of my old mum and it was only after they started hassling us about unpaid bills that we got concerned.

Since then it has been trying to talk to foreign call centres and going round in circles. We can't verify our account because they have the wrong information on file. So we can't change the details. My poor mum, who is old and rather deaf, can't understand a word they're saying and they demand account verification before I can speak to them.

I eventually managed to get through and update the payment details, only to get a phone call the next day saying that we still have not paid their bill. I was told to ring the finance department (still some offshore call centre staffed by scripted drones from hell) only to be told that I can't change anything and would have to ring customer services. I.e. repeat the entire process again, with no guarantee of anything being done, at my time and expense, despite their cock-up

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! A truly terrible company

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