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Good value anDecent most of the time, but with major communication problems within the company..

Had Sky installed back 2003, standard TV package, all was well for 5 or so years till we decided to get HD plus as well as Broadband with them too. big mistake!! They opened a new billing account for the new services, however they neglected to close the old one so I was being billed for my TV services twice! After at least 8 phone calls and being promised it would be sorted, nothing was, the two bills still came every month. One day a new viewing card arrived on my doorstep and I assumed it was to replace the old one, although there no specific instructions or information, I inserted it and expected it all still to worked, it didn't! I rang up and spoke to a shirty sounding Scotsman who basically chastised me for doing this and told me that I should have rang them first and that I'd caused him a load of grief now putting the new card in without telling them first!! I had to wait another week before I could get my HD box working again, tried a few times to get the billing sorted and eventually it was, 9 months after the mistake was made!


Tiny, cramped shops and terrible returns policy

Never really understood why anyone would want to shop at these Aldi/Lidl shops, they aren't any cheaper than the likes of Tesco/Asda etc and have far less choice and variety, They have loads of nasty, unknown own brands that are no better (in my opinion) than the Smart price etc equivalent. Anyway, I bought a extension lead for my computer a while ago (it was a lead with built-in surge protection so I thought it would be useful for my computer) and a few seconds after plugging it in it popped, and smoke started coming out of the side! I immediately took it back to the shop but (sod's law) couldn't for the life of me find the receipt. I'd put it back into it's original packaging so didn't think it would be a problem, located the woman that served me and explained what had happened. To my utter surprise, she told that they would not exchange, refund of even entertain my request to get a replacement. I was told that I would have to send the unit off (at my own expense and risk) to their "warranty centre" where they would "test" the lead to see if it was faulty, and only then would they repair, or replace it!!! I asked for their head office number to challenge this and stormed out of the store disgusted! They confirmed the assistant's story as true and I vowed never to visit a branch of Lidls again!

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Good overall but standards have fallen alot recently...

Joined in March 2010 and everything seemed great, staff were mega helpful and transparent, phones were answered quickly and my monthly payment was affordable. Over time though, we've seen our monthly payment go from £140 to £325 and I never fully understood why, as our income has always been consistent! Phones are taking longer and longer to answer and staff all seem to be newly equipped with a condescending and grumpy attitude. I rang up recently to complain and was placed on hold for 35 minutes before eventually being cut off...
I've noticed that standards at their sister company "Thinkmoney" have also fallen, with many outages, computer problems and Direct debit mistakes etc..

I suspect their recent takeover by some greedy investment company may have something to do with this change...


Customer services poor, installer didn't have a clue!

Joined Plusnet about a year ago after being messed about by Sky. Router and other kit arrived and engineer eventually turned up after quite a wait (they were busy apparently) and fumbled on in my spare room for 15 minutes or so, he emerged and said everything was sorted, the distant, confused look he had on his face made me doubt it was... My gut feeling was right , upon trying to connect to the net I was met with the same Plusnet log on screen, no matter what you did it would not log on so I rang customer services. After a 40 minute wait I eventually got through to a decent sounding guy who tried everything to get me online, he failed however, for two very good reasons:- one, the "engineer" had two of the cables plugged into the wrong sockets, and two he hadn't activated the service at the exchange properly either. I wasn't too impressed , so decided to complain, and even though the complaints department acknowledged the errors of the installer, they never offered an apology or even pretend to be sorry, they were very matter of fact and rushed me off the phone saying that it was sorted now so no need to worry! 7 months down the line and my service is so slow and unstable it's borderline unusable, customer services are almost unreachable (wait times of 40 mins plus)... Not a good experience....

10 March 2014

Reply from Plusnet

Hi Steven,

I know your install was some time ago and apologies for the initial experience and also for the wait times on the phone you've encountered.

If you're still having issues with your connection then it's best to raise a fault to us via

If you've done that and you've not had a resolution then please feel free to message us via our Facebook or Twitter pages and we'll be happy to help.

Kind Regards,

Chris Purvey
Plusnet Digital Care Team


Joke from beginning to end

Placed an order with them for broadband back a few years ago, router and documentation arrived on time which I thought was encouraging, however, it was supposed to go live on 12th Sep but failed to activate. After at least 10 phone calls and at least £15 in call costs (0845 number) I was no further forward, no internet connection. Eventually, 3 weeks after the original connection date, I finally had a connection... A VERY slow and unreliable one, dial up as better than this! I rang up again and was given a whole load of excuses, and after talking to yet another foreign call handler I decided to throw in the towel and ask to leave the service and look for another ISP. I was told by a nice sounding British chap on the phone that it was fine and there would be no fees as I cancelled within the 28 day trial period great, I thought, back to the drawing board, However, I started getting letters from them saying I owed the £97.50 for connection fees and line useage etc which I immediately rang up about, I got through to a very stroppy sounding Pakistani woman who told me in no uncertain terms that I owed the money and that I would have to pay it!!! Even after speaking, again to several other people at Talktalk I got nowhere, they promised they would look into it but no one ever did. I refused to pay it but soon got threatening letters and bailiffs calling at the house etc... In the end I had no choice but to pay it under protest, they never apologised....


Really good, cheap and efficient

Booked loads of collections with p2g and they have always delivered on their promises (pardon the pun!). When there has been a hiccup, they have always responded quickly and efficiently, well done p2g!!!


greedy, under resourced company that has no moral compass....

After being told that my deposit was going to be £80, then £120, then £200 then finally £230 i was pretty peed off for a start after having to calll a friend for the extra money to hire the car. All the contact numbers for the company are answer machines, the local hire depos are understaffed and rarely have the cars available to fullfill customer orders. I will never hire with them again

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