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Excellent service, prices and quality

Ordered on the Thursday, delivered on Friday - try and beat that. The staff are great too.
Thanks Emily,



What rubbish - They cancelled the same journey on me not once, but TWICE.

I booked a journey from Swindon station to my meeting place about 4 days prior. Got a cancellation e-mail 2 days before journey time. I re-booked and then received a cancellation notice for that booking the day before said journey.

Pathetic service lads, a real joke.

First and last time I'll be using your site.


Two different bookings, two different confirmations received on two different days from what appears to be two different companies, because there were two different prices quoted, two different subsequent cancellations.

Reference numbers : TC294E5A085, TC3562B87E79.

If your participants did not have available vehicles, then why did they accept the booking? I've never had a booking cancelled due to subsequent unavailability of vehicles in my life when booking a taxi over the phone - never. Then for this same excuse to be proffered twice????

If you want people like me to use this website to sing the praises of your services, then perhaps you need to ensure that your participating taxi companies can deliver on their commitments.

I repeat, using TAXICODE has been a complete waste of my time - suggest you get your 1000's of satisfied customers to report otherwise.




I received 'Receipts' to my booking from 'Web3Services' on both occasions. Both e-mails had your logo emblazened at the top and started with the words "Thank you for booking with Taxicode ......"

As far as I and any one else in the world is concerned, that e-mail came from yourselves.

Additionally, how can the two taxi companies still offer their services under the banner of your company if they are no longer part of your network? This only happened last week.
I just don't think the service you offer is tight enough yet if anomalies like this can take place.


6 days ago

Reply from Taxicode

Hi Mick

I can see that both your bookings where refunded straight away. I apologise you did not have a positive experience with us. Please note that on your email it does say that the first email is not booking confirmation only confirmation we have received your booking requirements.

You also booked with Taxi Price Compare not Taxicode and both taxi companies are no longer part of our network as they failed to meet our strict standards on performance.

Kind Regards

NP Autoparts Limited

Great product, great service

A defect was noticed in an item (not their fault) and they shipped a replacement the same day.

Will buy from them again.

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