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Script based hassles

It seems o2 are very good at training their staff to turn every inquiry or question into a sales opportunity. Instead of providing a real sense of concern about a question they pitch you. This has happened more than once, but not always. When it does happen and I hear the pitch about this or that I get quite cross. I can say I have found their prices competitive and would not be inclined to switch ...unless I loose it next time they start blabbing at me.


Great range

Great range of hosiery! The fishnet thigh high is highly recommended. The site is clean and fresh and the ordering process is as easy as you like. Professional and well run. I like the fact that there is an open community feel. It doesn't feel like you have just walked into a shady back street store (which is how many sites make you feel) Recommended.

Good friendly service

Very happy about my experience with MoonPig. It is a clever idea and I kinda love the name too! Delivered on time and got a call from my girlfriend which was full of laughs :-) Will use them again when I am away. Service support was great, no complaints.


Using them since 2009

Hi I have taken the time to write this as I am a long standing customer of powerpoppers (and a few other poppers sites too) I have never had any troubles or experiences like some of the angry (crazy?) reactions below.

I can tell you that I have only ever received the highest quality products and I am happy. Over the years there have been a few hiccups I recall - yeah some delays last year, a broken bottle once BUT I got a replacement and a discount. I wrote to Tom at powerpoppers today to ask him if there was any probs at the moment, well poppers are not exactly without controversy of course! I also explained I had been reading some of the "looney" posts that everyone can see here. Given they make no sense to me I was curious. As I already guessed, the posts are not exactly "kosher" so to speak... you just have to take a look at the other post praising a rival site to guess what is going on....hmmmm not nice. Anyway, nobody likes bullies so @#$% you. What really pisses me off is that this guy has also been plastering this crap all over another forum (word for word). Dickheads spreading false rumors on the wild web need to be shouted down. I've never even written a review before so here goes:

- they deliver
- been using them since 2009
- products are consistent
- they are sometimes are late in replying to emails (although today I got a reply in about 6 hours)
- I like their products better than the junk sold in most stores
- I will order from them again (but I will also order elsewhere as they don't stock the big bottles)

Poppers have been changing recently I think a lot of people know that, but I can say that me and my playmates ;-) will continue to order from this site PERIOD.

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