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Flight ok staff very rude

I have just come back from Gran Canaria with my husband and elderly parents on our way out from Edinburgh we checked out 3 bags one bag for my mum and dad and a bag each for my husband and in total we paid for 60 kilos but as my mum is disabled we thought one bag for her and my dad would be ok nothing was said at Edinburgh airport it went through ok . We per booked seats and my parents were in row 16 but because my mum walks with a walking stick they told her she wouldn't be able to sit in the seat as it was an emergency exit but the flight attendant then asked the captain and he said it would be ok different story coming back from Gran Canaria tho when we checked the bags in my parents bags was 21 kilos and when we tried to explain we had got through Edinburgh airport with it the female was like no you have to have separate bags or pay 120.00 euros for being over the limit she did suggest we buy a new case?????? Then on the plane the male attendant was so rude to my mum about her walking stick and she shouldn't be sitting in row 16 he wasn't interested when told they were allowed to sit in the same seats going on holiday my dad told him he wasn't moving until they found them two seats together as they had been prebooked the big tough guy threatened to get the police onto the plane to remove my dad who is 75 by the way luckily one of the other attendants managed to get them seats together I will never fly with this company again unless they are consistent and the staff learn some MANNERS

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