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Unbelievably bad customer service policy

I've used eBuyer for a few years now for my business and until recently have only had a few minor problems. However I can't quite believe the attitude I'm currently facing:
To start setting the scene let me explain, my name is Chris. And someone else ordered something on the same day who is also called Chris. We have entirely different surnames and entirely different addresses and ordered completely different items.
I ordered a £900 Drobo with discs among a few other items last Wednesday and paid for next day delivery. The other Chris ordered a couple of cheap network cards to be delivered the next day.
So, on the next day the rest of my order arrived in separate packages. But one of the packages had a couple of network cards (worth about £20) addressed to me that I hadn't ordered. But when I opened the contents, it had a delivery note to this other Chris and his address on it.
So I immediately phoned eBuyer and after going through the phone queue, explained the situation and how I thought the other person had been sent my Drobo. This was confirmed by them. So...and wait for this...I said, can you send my Drobo whilst you sort out what's happened? They said no.
I was a bit baffled. They explained that the other person has to send back the Drobo they sent to him by mistake before they will send me my item. I said this is crazy. They aren't disputing that they haven't sent me my Drobo. And they can pick the network cards the other Chris ordered whenever they like. But they said they aren't prepared to give me my item until they have got hold of the other Chris.
Well, guess what, the other Chris isn't answering their calls. So every day since then I have phoned (like I haven't got better things to do running a company in the worst recession in living memory), to see whether it's convenient for them to send me my Drobo that they took payment for straight away. They said there's nothing they can do.
I said, right, I'll cancel the order and they said they wouldn't give me a refund until they have spoken to the other Chris. So I can't have my item and they won't refund but they admit they haven't sent me my item. Isn't this illegal?
In a couple of days' time it will be a week since I should have had my next day order but apparently it seems to be my problem they messed up switching the two orders.
I'm optimistically assuming I will get my Drobo from them eventually, but they seem unable to see that they are behaving completely unreasonably and with incredibly poor customer service. They politely apologise but refuse to send me my item saying it's their policy and they can't change it.
Will I be using eBuyer ever again. No.
Would I recommend them to anyone else. No way.
All companies make mistakes, which is fine. But their ridiculous policy of holding an entirely innocent customer (the Chris typing here) to ransom for their mistake means they have wasted a lot of my time on my urgent next day requirement.
It would so simply have been resolved by apologising and sending me my item and picking up the incorrect item from me. I don't care who they sent my item to and whether they are picking up their phone or not, whether they have gone on holiday or whether they are currently enjoying all the £900 worth of my Drobo. I paid for my item, eBuyer know they haven't sent it to me, but eBuyer won't send it to me.
I do hope their ludicrous policy saves them more money than the inevitable loss of customers they will suffer as a result.
Buyers beware of eBuyer!

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25 June 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I sincerely apologise for the experience you have had with Ebuyer and for the ongoing problems you are currently having receiving your order.

I am shocked to hear this mix up has happened as I can assure you this is not a common occurrence and it will be investigated thoroughly to see why this has happened and to prevent this happening again.

Unfortunately, I am unable to see the details behind this from your review, however if you contact me at with your order number and the name of this review site I will investigate this to see if I can advise further.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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