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Great idea but needs more users!

I couldn't find reviews of all the companies that I wanted to know and so it's the only reason it drops a star.

21 February 2011

Reply from Trustpilot


Thank you for your review

Companies are added automatically when users search for them, not manually by us. So if you couldn't find any reviews of certain companies, it simply because no one has written a review yet.

Best regards


Some great prices, no problems with returns etc.

I mainly shop in store but even online they make no problems at any stage with returns etc...


Great but a little high prices-Maplin employee review

I was working at Maplin's and they have great customer services but if you are wanting products cheap avoid them ;)


Managed to get great deals, great!

Great company, had great idea, helps to save a lot of money!
No hooks, it's basically a forum like website where people post great deals!
Get there now and save money!


Lowest prices & Next Day delivery!

Well I have ordered something on thursday and it got here on friday! Highly recommended!

Great deals but long delivery

I have ordered my products on wednesday and it supossed to have 2-3 days delivery it's now been 4 and still no sign of anything.
After about 10 days the product got here and so far so good but since it took so long and took some time to get a reply from them I am not sure if I would use again unless they would have had some really REALLY good deals.



Great Deals, Great Customer Service, No Hooks, Great Signal (from o2). Highly recommended. Basically improved o2.


Fast delivery and great prices.

Could not find fault at any stage when using this company, highly recommended.

Slow processing

Even though I haven't got my product yet I think the company does well with keeping my updated but processing took about a week! Now it has been finally send and expecting next day delivery (Finally!)


Cheap but sometimes dirty and old planes

Title says it all. I had some great and some bad experiences but a company worth trying out if you are looking for a cheapo flights that often arrive on time.


Reliable and some good deals

Even though I am often out of credit this company has some great deals which I found useful to me and my family members. Recommended even though I am awaiting my giffgaff sim card.


Long delivery and processing

I have ordered am item worth over £100 and it said it will be delivered the next day. Well this was not the case it took about two weeks to get delivered.
I would say that the company is great apart from long delivery time. THey had the item in stock when ordered so it couldn't be that they were dependent on delivery to them and then would send it off to me but I have contacted them and not in 24 hours as they say they will reply but after about 48 hours I had e-mail from them saying that the product has been dispatched today (it might have been just after my email)...

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