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Slippery lot!

A Intel Core i7 920 "D0 Stepping" 2.66Ghz story.

It was a while after I had built the machine I decided to overclock it a little bit. Checking with Cpuid a utility program, I found that it was not the chip I ordered - Intel Core i7 920 "D0 Stepping" 2.66Ghz (Nehalem) (Socket LGA1366) - Retail, but got the CO version, which is the less sought after. Now if they did not have these in stock at the time it would be so easy to palm you of with the other and hope for the best.

I rang Novatech and they said that they would replace it. I asked them if they could deliver and pick the other one up at the same time, as I need my computer almost 24/7. Not possible they said. We need to check it out first, then if ok we will send the new one, you know, the one I should have had in the first place!

Then it was put to me that I could go to Reading or Portsmouth and change it over. Oh yeah! Few hours driving, time , petrol and no kind of compensation!

In the end I settled for the 5 day wait, and the stripping down of my machine, without a any kind of compensation. I had spent £1200 on computer parts. Well, they shot themselves in the foot, no more goodies, or should I say baddies from Novatech?

Now if they had remedied the situation, by delivering the cpu, whilst picking the other one up at the same time, then I would have taken it on the chin a bit better. But no, these online stores have got you by the balls!

Now my turn to squeeze their balls a bit.

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