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Fully Charged and Sparking

I recently bought a Pro flashgun and rather than spend £'s and £'s on batteries time and time again, I searched the web for good high capacity rechargable batteries and found Batteryvault. I am so glad I did. I had wasted money at the local supermarket and bought a charger (that took 9 hours to charge) that came with 4 AA batteries (2100mAh) and they were recommended for photographic equipment. They were useless!
So I decided to try Batteryvault and they had, (for the same price as the supermarkets rubbish one), a charger (takes 2 and a half hours to fully charge) and 4xAA industrial strength rechargable batteries (2800mAh) which are excellent and in my opinion, superb for the price I paid. They last for ages and ages, depending on how often I use my flash. The charger is superb too, cool digital blue light up display that lets you know at a glance when the batteries are charged and a pulsating battery icon, kinda like a mobile phone battery symbol when its charging. Unlike my previous charger that just had green lights on it, that stayed on and on and on, I didnt know when they were fully charged.
I highly recommend Batteryvault. I have only purchased from them the once, but the service was superb and delivery fast and the item was brilliant and pretty cheap too. I am very pleased and will use them again and again above any supermarket!


Good, but room for improvement

Having used eBay most of the time to get my Magic the Gathering cards, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this company while searching the web. They have an enormous amount of products so I decided to purchase around 8 single MTG cards. You can place items in the basket and they remain there unless they sell out or you remove them, well thats what the site said! I placed 8 cards in my basket, all said "in stock" and I checked again a few days later when I went to buy them all, "in stock" it said, so I bought them.
Imagine my shock when I received the envelope, (yep, a simple envelope with no hard protection), and 2 of my cards were not there, but a note saying they were out of stock but will be shipped when they come back into stock????
I didn't like the fact that the cards were not protected by card or plastic, just dumped in an envelope and secondly the fact that the website said "in stock" about products when they clearly weren't. One plus though was that with your order you get to choose a free rare card, its pot luck as to what they send you but I did cheekily ask for a Black rare card and they did oblige.
So overall I gave them a 4 out of 5, just on my experience that once. Would I use them again? If nowhere else had the cards I was looking for, yes.

MPB Photographic

"Simply the Best"

I have been a photographer for, well as long as I can remember. I even went Pro at one point in my life and I have to say that I have used many many photographic outlets in my time, online and on the high street and can honestly say that the service I have received from MPB photographic has to be the best....Ever! I have never had any mistakes with any orders, their next day shipping suits me brilliantly and there website is well laid out and non complicated. I have never bought "new" and although they do sell new equipment, they have a vast amount of pre-owned and the quality is excellent. All equipment is graded and a description too of what may come with the equipment: ie a camera grip (includes AA battery holder) etc.
I live close to Edinburgh and am finding it difficult to find a camera shop on the high streets now, but I dont really care when my online stop is MPB. From SLR's to filters, camera bags to studio lights, thay have it all. Highly recommended they are, (As yoda would say) :)

Magic Madhouse

Fast, smooth and efficient

I was looking for a deck box for my Magic the Gathering decks but wanted something different to all the "norm" boxes out there. I found on Magicmadhouse a clear perspex box that will hold 110 MTG cards in their sleeves for a VERY cheap price. The quality is excellent, strong, very smooth slide on lid which covers the entire box and they are even stackable. I would highly recommend these boxes. They are half the price of a booster pack and well worth the money, in my opinion.
The service from Magicmadhouse was excellent also. No hassle, even paid by PayPal and it only took a day to deliver (next day in fact). I will be using Magicmadhouse a lot more in future as I am extremely pleased with the service and item.

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