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Appalling customer service over the phone

As has been said by a number of the other reviews on here, there should be an option to give a rating of 0 stars.

Ordered a mouse over the website (in store) and the clerk at the computer didn't even think of checking the delivery address or the billing address was correct (which they both were not) before proceeding to hit the confirm order button.

As I am living in Gloucester and no long studying in Plymouth, I'd say it is rather counter productive for me to have to travel back to Plymouth to pick up my new mouse and then drive all the way back simply because of the idiotic clerk. Funnily enough, there is no way of amending the delivery address of orders that have just been placed (no where near ready for shipping and probably haven't even received the order yet), so I had to call up the generic PC world number. After 15 minutes of waiting on hold, I got through to someone, hoping to get the changes made swiftly, I was once again disappointed. You cannot amend the delivery address of an order that has not been shipped, even though you are there to provide any information and details that could be required to make such a change to an order, and so instead I had to provide the new person with the order number, half way through reading out the number she proceeds to tell me that the number I have provided her with was "too short", even though I had clearly not finished.

Once happy that she had the correct number and confirming the first line of the delivery address associated with the order, she told me that she had put in a request for cancellation of the product. Now just to wait for the money to reappear in my bank account.

Thoroughly disappointed in general with the overall service received both in store and on the phone line, the complete lack of understanding and/or care the clerks show to the customers is frankly quite disgusting, rather negligible to be honest.

Would not use the phone line again, unless of course something similar happens again, which shouldn't even need to be the case when a simple change of delivery address on the website should suffice.

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