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Impressive quality and customer service

I cannot recommend Moo highly enough on quality, price and quick turnaround - if only more companies were like this! I've used Moo three times to print greeting cards. The paper quality is gorgeously thick and a silky matt finish. The colours are rich and saturated, and match the colours of the digital image one provides. On each occasion, I have received the order within 3 business days of submitting my order (i.e. if you submit your order on a Monday before Moo's cut-off time, you receive it in Thursday morning's post).

On one occasion, one of the cards was damaged. Instead of simply crediting me for the single damaged card, they re-printed and delivered the entire order for free without me asking.

My experience is that their customer service actually listens to what one says. I submitted a suggestion on their postal process and the next time I used them, they had implemented the suggestion.


Pickfords is bad, rubbish, terrible, appalling, shoddy

I would strongly advise anyone who is tempted to use Pickfords to give them a very, very wide berth. I notice from other review web sites that very few people have anything positive to say about Pickfords, so clearly my experience was not an aberration.

The very least one expects from a removals company is that your goods reach their destination intact. And if something does get damaged, you'd hope that the insurance policy they sold you would enable you to satisfactorily repair or replace the item. Not so with Pickfords.

They badly damaged a large number of our possessions because they failed to pack items with adequate protective packaging and some items received severe water damage because they were rained on/water damaged during storage. Also, one irreplaceable antique went missing. In addition, the insurance policy they sold us was so onerous that we were unable to replace or repair all damaged items.

Another compelling reason to avoid Pickfords at all costs is that they recently went into administration, and are now back in business under a different registered name, but are still trading as Pickfords (surprise, surprise). Consider the risk that you face if your goods were in transit or in storage with a company like this at the same time that it again goes into administration. Interestingly, they appear to continuously change their name as registered at Companies House (see http://companycheck.co.uk). This suggests that they are constantly going into administration.

You’ve been warned!

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