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OK product but packaging leaves a lot to be desired!!

Bought this product for my storage unit as the dimension & shelving option was exactly what I wanted. Basic price wasn't too bad but add on shipping & VAT and it was quite pricey. The quality was OK but nothing special and not quite what I was expecting; the uprights were not as strong as I thought they should be, although once put together, it was pretty stable.

The main issue was with the packing of the parts that were sent. I had the item sent to my storage facility directly which was a plus. However, when it arrived the courier told the manager at the storage facility that the packing had collapsed during transit so all the pieces kept falling out but he had managed to keep them all together. The manager at the facility confirmed that it arrived like this so I can't say I'm massively impressed here, given that the packaging is holding a hell of a lot of weight in steel struts in an ordinary, flimsy cardboard with the odd piece of cling wrap. Basically, I had 28 pieces of steel to gather up and try & transport up 3 floors in pieces rather than in one package as it should have been.
I also discovered when I came to put the unit together that where the packaging had failed during either storage or transit prior to it getting to me, the majority of the ends of the struts had been bent, so I subsequently spent as much time straightening these out & trying to get them to fit as I did putting the unit itself together! A couple of the pieces had severe bends & dents in them as well but fortunately I was able to hammer these out enough to fit, although I shouldn't have had to do this.

The chipboard shelves weren't quite as thick as I expected but seem to do the job. Unfortunately, these also experienced damage to all their corners during transit as well but fortunately were not cracked.

In summary, the product is OK, not great but Big Dug seriously need to look at how they package their product for transit as it is very, very heavy & I'm afraid that flimsy cardboard just doesn't cut the mustard here!! The packaging on cheap Homebase galvanised shelving is better and has to carry 1/10th of the weight.

01 July 2013

Reply from Bigdug limited

Hi Jason and thanks for taking the time to leave this review, we appreciate all feedback to give us the opportunity to improve on both our products and services.

After reading your review I would just like to apologise for all of these issues you experienced when ordering and receiving the items.
Unlike many other online retailers we do not incorporate the shipping costs into the price of our goods and maybe this is why the delivery charges can sometimes seem a little high and why we do not offer free delivery.
We do have an option on our website to see the price of the goods including VAT or excluding VAT but I understand this is not always obviously visible.

I can see that you felt the shelving was not as strong as you thought but all of our shelving is tried and tested by our suppliers and the UDL of each item is updated as and when necessary.

I will bring the issue about packaging to the attention of our warehouse staff to ensure that they are aware of these packaging issues as I agree that you should not have to spend time rectifying issues due to poor packaging. I thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do review our couriers on a regular basis to ensure the performance standard is as high as possible and even though nearly all packages are delivered in tact unfortunately the odd package can get damaged.

If you would like to contact our customer service team on 01684 858484 or at sales@bigdug.co.uk we will be able to discuss the damages further and offer any replacements needed.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you and I hope our customer service team will be able to rectify the problems.

Thanks for your order,


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