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vwery happy

delivery was good, wasnt happy with the colour and it was refunded without delay. very impressed


awesome company

helpful, good stuff, would happliy order again.


shipping costs are crazy!!!

Great website, helpful staff, people answer the phone, love the burton gear but for a UK company using UK delivery service to charge £10 for shipping is ridiculous. It stopped me from buying items that i wanted to try and sent me to other websites to get them instead where shipping was free or at most never more than £5. When i rang the company they explained that shipping was so high because prices were so low....not really, I found some of the same items at cheaper prices elsewhere if you are prepared to search so i dont buy it.

I would shop again but only as a last resort if i cant find it elsewhere


wow - really impressed

I have just left a different well known internet protein company due to a massive lack of customer service and i wanted to try these guys to see if they werre any better - not that you would have to try very hard to beat MP

i had entered the wrong promotion code and so i rang customer service for help. Within 2 minutes i was talking to someone who actually helped and quickly. i placed my order before 2pm and it arrived free the next day. i recieved a txt telling me within what hour it would arrive. Simply amazing. Its so refreshing to deal with a company who actually do what they say they will and not have to deal with all the Bulls@$t excuses, ohh its not our fault, ohh there was a mix up at the wharehouse, ohhh this is the first time this has ever happened.

Finally a protein company that actually looks after their customers.

The Paris Pass

Very convenient!

We were very pleased with our purchase. It allowed us to skip the line to the museums that are huge in Paris!!!
Multipale use of Underground without worring about getting tickets is very convenient.
Overall great experience! Only wish we had more time to visit more museums!!! Next trip we will get Paris Pass again for sure.


be prepared to be disappointed

The price is good, the protein good, thats the two stars. The delivery is crap. i have ordered several times now and half my orders have NOT turned up or there have been problems with them. i understand it is not myprotein that ships the stuff but you think they would take some sort of steps to stop using delivery companies who can not keep up their side of the deal as it does reflect on them. There is nothing worse than having to ring up (again) and be told "sorry" (again) and still not have your order.

I have since writing the above review ordered another shipment. i ordered and was charged on the thursday 24th Feb. i was expecting it to arrive on saturday 26th at the latest. all of the items i choose were in stock at the time i ordered. no order arrived, no phone call from the ever useless company either (although they did manage to take my money for the order straight away :-) finally on monday afternoon i ring up and someone in customer service tells me that its still sitting in the wharehouse (umm why??) for some unknown reason (remember i have heard this before so its not like a surpise to me. im sure its the "offical company line" when an order doesnt get sent out), but the ever helpful staff member (sarcasim) says it WILL be sent out this afternoon. Tuesday comes and i decide based on past experience not to believe someone from myprotein when they say it has been sent out and i ring and ask for the manager. He tells me that my order hasnt left and is still in the wharehouse (surprise surprise) and that he will try and find out when it can be sent out. I mean i did order next day delivery so 4 days later is not too bad i suppose??? 4 hours later i get a phone call that they have managed to find my order in their wharehouse - not bad for a business who makes money for selling and shipping supplements, and that it "SHOULD" be with me tomorrow. By this point i am no longer holding my breath.

This company cant even do the usual of blaming the shipping company for its less than useless performance. if you find a similar product somewhere else....buy it from there and save yourself the hassle. These guys really dont care about individuals.

One star

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