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Zavvi - when it goes right, its ok, but the prices and CS leave MUCH to be desired and when it goes wrong its a mess.

when it goes right, its ok, but the prices and CS leave MUCH to be desired
infact, persistant price rises are putting me off future orders and making me cancel current pre-orders
To be honest, I'd rather order from ANYONE else, but sadly zavvi are getting many exclusives so I have no choice but to buy from them.
Their customer services needs much work also - I'm still trying to get a refund off them due from October!!!

8.01.14 - I only use Zavvi when I have to as they unfortunately have exclusive steel's that can often not be sourced from other countries. I would always rather import Steelbooks or purchase from ANYone else when/where possible i.e. I paid a little more to get a couple of steels via Amazon, Django Unchained being one of the titles, and even chose to wait for shipping ON the release date rather than Zavvi's pre-order shipping BEFORE release date - basically I'd chose to wait longer for delivery.
All this is because their so called customer service is atrocious, and when I asked for their complaints address - after sending a detailed account of all orders placed with them and all the issues that occurred; half the orders had a problem of some sort! 50%!!! - all I was just sent the same, cut and paste, faux apology reply.
Also, their steelbook prices are getting ridiculous - they are a LONG way off coming near to offering the type of service the prior UK kings of steelbook offered; Play had better prices for older titles being re-released, more often than not they included the 3D disc's where applicable. For example of how greedy Zavvi can be, eg their Iron Man 3 steelbook was a single 2D disc release for £24!! shocking! When for the same price, I got the EXACT same steel/art/embossing etc, but with the added 3D disc, just by ordering from Taiwan.
Also, they charge for returns when other's dont - are they not aware of the distance selling regulations?!
As a result of all these issues, I'm only keeping pre-orders of titles that sell out before release - such as the Disney titles(I started collecting the classics on steel from the worldwide versions, and now Zavvi are suddenly filling in the classic list blanks its hard to say no) though many of which are still overpriced in my opinion, but at least Disney hold value unlike pretty much ANY other movie purchased on a physical format.
Any other titles that are still in stock after release, I choose to purchase 2nd hand (many of which are STILL sealed, so basically new) from ebay JUST so I dont have to deal with Zavvi.
Oh, and I NEVER even consider them for purchasing anything other than steelbooks as I would rather not deal with them or have to suffer their customer service should any issues arise.
Basically, I'd STRONGLY recommend avoiding Zavvi whenever possible.

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