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excellent quality

I have ordered clothes from them couple of times and most of the time it was delivered on time.The quality is better than primark.


They don't want to know you once customer ask them about the charges

I asked v connect card customer services about detailed charges( connection fees,handling fees,etc) .The customer services denied any knowledge of charges and told me that they just handle technical issues and this brand is owned by digicallingcards.For any charges/fees related info i need to call digicallingcards.
The Digicalling cards refused to give any information .I have got email which says they don't have any info and i need to contact vconnect.I did tell them that vconnect cs has clearly told me that card is owned by digicallingcards and they are just to sort out technical issues.The digicalling card is hiding something.

I'm bit concerned as last week i bought one card and it had still balance but it become zero with in 3 days without using it.

Buyers be careful as some of their cards just rip you off in charges ( missing info in relation connection fees/daily handling fees,etc once card is activated) in respect to cards owned or managed by digicallingcards.com


Avoid at all costs.

They are also nightmare when it comes to issuing correct bills.In short i was issued incorrect three consecutive bills due to their poor mathematical skills.I taught them about the way to calculate and finally got it right after 4 months.For 2 months they said bills were right but in the end i did calculations and sent an email to their ceo office with detailed calculations.They were charging me 14 pounds more each month since i upgraded.

The Ceo office initially sidelined with their call center but when i had 3rd bill i seek to terminate the bill under their clauses and referral to ombudsman.This time ceo office investigated and accepted the error .They told me that 10pound will be credited to your account as a goodwill but this never happened.Anyway they are liars so i didn't call them again for their 10 pound.

The main thing is that my bills are correct now and no need to spend hours on phone to teach them how to calculate bills.


Don't order

They don't even deserve 1 star.I ordered some gifts last year to be delivered in India but they were sent to Bangalore instead of Amritsar.This information too i got it from their courier company and than they accepted their error.I told bank to reverse charges as company was dishonest first to accept that courier was sent to wrong city which is about 2400 km away!


Nice mattress for less price

I went to high street stores and was looking for relaxsan mattress.No one had it and moreover the local makes they had were expensive than relaxsan original firm mattress plus delivery charges extra.The Relaxsan mattress from these guys was at lowest price in the market plus delivered it for free.
What else a customer needs.

Data Pro

Excellent Service

I ordered it and got the i5 laptop delivered next day . The laptop is new and not refurbished or second.

I have to contact their customer services for vat invoice which was sent to my email id in 10minutes in order to claim cashback from HP.The phone line was answered without any delay and their telephone number is also normal number unlike other suppliers who use 0871 numbers,

I strongly recommend data-pro as a highly trusted supplier.I give full stars to their customer service


Not a reliable seller

I ordered one laptop but order was rejected on the grounds that they were out of stock.I was astonished to discover that same product was available on their website for higher price ( 40 pound increase) .
They could have told me that price has gone up ,etc but they decided to cancel my order.Anyway then i ordered it from other company in the end for price similar to new price on porthale as I didn't like their dishonesty.

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15 August 2012

Reply from porthale.co.uk

Our Website featured two similar Product Codes at the time of this Order, where one was available at a lower Price due to a Promotion from a particular Wholesaler. The lower cost Product unfortunately sold out prior to this Order being received and so we were unable to fulfil this. An e-mail was sent out within 24 minutes of the Order being received to notify the Customer of the situation, and the Credit Card Payment was Aborted and not processed.

It appears that upon receiving a Notification that the Product had sold out, the Customer re-visited our Website and located the higher Price Product and assumed there was a Price Increase. No contact was made to query this.

The Customer was advised two weeks later that 1 or 2 units of the lower cost Product Code would be available, where Free Delivery was also offered to make up for not being able to fulfil his original Order.

He thanked us for informing him, but said that he had already ordered from elsewhere, and at £40.00 more judging by this Review which I see was written 2 days earlier than the e-mail he sent thanking us.


Cheapest price

I bought the Apollo calypso double sided memory foam mattress for 295.00 .The mattress was nicely packed though not delivered at the time given by driver.


excellent service

i bought a netbook and it was delivered next day with in the timed slot.
The e-mails was sent out with prior information for delivery slot.
A great company.

Sleepland Beds

Friendly company

I had to cancel my order as family didn't like the color of fabric and refund was made with in 3 working days.If they have changed the color of divan , i would have definately bought the bed from them.


Prompt Cashback

i was nervous when i signed up e2save for another cashback deal in august 2010.i got my first cheque with in 14days of submission.that was quick.they have made all nice and easy to claim the money back through their cashback deals.

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