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Royal Mail

Intermittent service. Luck of the draw if my mail arrives!!! AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

So much of my post simply doesn't arrive. I have tried to complain several times but they simply don't care. Half of the time you cannot get through to customer services (especially as the automated service refers you to the royal mail website!). When you do manage to speak to them, the operative staff are friendly but are quite clearly unable to help. It feels like they are stuck behind a system they know doesn't work and they know it wont make a slight bit of difference if you do complain!

Despite my concerns, I wasn't even asked for my name or postal address. I was instead instructed to contact the people who are posting my mail to ask them to submit a complaint for each item.

Like I should have to chase up every single letter / item ( it is as if the service is a charity and nobody pays for postage).

Just stick the post with my address on it through the slot in my door. Not rocket science for staff, especially given that most of the work is automated.

Unfortunately, for most items we do not have a choice but to put up with a dreadful service (and the Royal Mail know it! They simply don't need to care about the average customer)

Shame I can't rate the service to be lower than 1 star!

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