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Vax Ltd

So far so good...

Haven't had chance to use their customer service and I hope I don't have to.
But their site was good and products were well priced.
I used one their vacuum cleaner which was for both washing carpet and cleaning. Product is good and highly recommended and at very good price.


Good product and delivery on time

Quality of cartridge was good and instructions were clear. Site is easy to use. Highly Recommended.


Price was good and item delivered in time

Have had no problem. Delivery was on time and product in good condition. recommended.

Low quality products with terrible policy on refund/returns

Their service is poor. I ordered a few items online, they sent wrong sizes, incorrect product and whatnot.
Quality of their products is really poor.. explains why their price is low. Looks like straight lift from poor chinese products.

Now their returns policy (even for faulty products) is ridiculous. You have to call their 0871 number to get a returns authorisation code.
Then pay for shipping/posting faulty item back to them. Then you have to request them if they will reimburse the shipping charges which you had to incur because of their fault (faulty product or sent incorrect product).

Neither I will use them nor recommend them.


Very good service

Have used them a few times now. Service is good and cash back process is also simple. No issues whatsoever. Recommended.


Excellent experience so far (since 5 years)

I buy a contract almost every year from Their service is simple and easy. No problems so far.
Their prices and packages are also excellent. Highly recommended. They are very reliable.
I will use them again in future.


Products looks useful but they are not really that useful

I didn't had chance to use their customer service (I think I will need to use soon as the product which I bought from them recently doesn't look like is doing its job).

They give guarantee that their insect repeller products will be useful. But its not the case always as happened with me recently.
Now the problem is, to use their guarantee service (they give 60 days guarantee), I will need to pay delivery / shipment charges to send the items back to them. Its like customer paying for returning the faulty product which doesn't make sense as I already paid them delivery charges.

Not sure I will recommend them unless I see some improvement in the product (spider repeller) I am using.

Cash Generator

Service and delivery is good... but cannot be sure about products

Their service and support was ok but may be they do not check their products for quality before selling them.
I ordered Wii from two different cash generator stores (I did it online) and both of them sent faulty console. After 10s of calls they collected the product and refunded the money.
Initially they said they'll give me replacement but from 1st store I never received the replacement so they sent me the refund. 2nd store sent the replacement but again a faulty one. So they are saying now that they will get it collected and will give me the refund. Lets see.

The only good thing about them is they are ready to take responsibility of their faulty products and they arrange the collection service by themselves.
I would have given them 1 star had they not given collection service for their faulty product.

Zleeps Memory Foam UK

Mattress arrived on time and is excellent product

Good service. I will recommend to everyone.
Price was reasonable and mattress looks very good. Highly recommended.


It looks good so far

Have ordered a few things such as mattress, etc. for my baby.
Things arrived on time and were of good quality. Will recommend.

Pingo Phone Cards

Do not use Pingo... its ridiculous

Service is poor. The thing I do not understand is what are they charging 98 cents maintenance fee for?

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03 August 2011

Reply from

Please include your account number so that we can validate and Nilesh,

We are able to provide the most advanced features, online account management of all your calls & low rates because of the 98 cent maintenance fee. Unlike some of are competitors, we do not hide or charge any additional fees other then calling from a payphone.

Why Pingo?
Pingo maintains a 95%+ customer retention rate with ongoing loyalty promotions. There is no contract as you can cancel at any time and we offer 100% call quality guarantee.


Excellent service and great prices

I think it is worth it even if they charge you a few quids more than online service. I've learned it.
The kind of service and support you get in a store, amazon or other online retailers cannot match it.

I bought many electronics from wii such as washing machine, wii, camera, keyboard, etc.

T Mobile

Good network coverage and good service

Have used t-mobile, orange, vodafone in last 4 years.

T-mobile is the best.


Not recommended. Their customer service email is almost non-responsive

Do not use Bike365's comparison tool... it will only misguide you.
Their service is just ok... nothing great. Their response is not on time if you email them (as if they receive 100s of email everyday!!).

I compared a bike (by name of the same brand - Raleigh) with what I was getting at Halfords. That was my biggest mistake.

At Halfords they were selling a better bike than this (same Raleigh brand with same name) having front suspension.

I didn't see it attentively on this website (as I thought if product name is same then of course product has to be same as it belongs to same brand). That is where I faltered and made biggest fool of myself.
These guys were selling this mediocre product at £144 where as I was getting much better bike in £140 at halfords... completely assembled !

Above all... instructions are so poor that I am speechless. Its NOT for first timers. If I would have not had a ASDA bike ( you read it right) which was half its price... I would have had returned this. ASDA gave me video CD with instructions which I tried to follow for this bike as well and somehow managed to assemble it.

These guys did not even provided all the tools necessary to assemble the bike (which is a norm).

Frame looks ok. Nothing great about it. Its definitely not worth its price.

I am upset with myself that why did I came to this website and fell for this bike.

Above all... their product review system is completely baseless, biased and heavily moderated. I have reviewed the bike I bought with them on their website at least 3 times in last 5 months, my review is still not their on their website. That means, if some writes bad about their bike, they won't display it. This means this guys are NOT trustworthy. There must be 100s of fools like me who must have reviewed the bike after purchasing from these guys but these guys are not displaying those reviews.

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