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What a load of rubbish!!

I sent my phone off, with a note stating that the screen did not work however everything else did fine. I even paid for special delivery. Next day I got an email stating there was faults in that 'the power button did not switch on or off' which is not true at all, Offering me £12.22 for a Samsung Galaxy Note. Either they employ people who can not read or who are too lazy to notice that the phone does turn on but it is just the screen, There is nowhere to state on the website when 'selling' the phone what damages it has so you can't point it out to these morons. Totally peed off and wasted my money and time sending it.

(Also because I rejected my offer they reported my review stating I'm not a genuine customer, Why just because I rejected the poor offer?!)

I have now received my phone back, Low and behold it DOES turn on,
Also I sent my phone in it's original box with charger..Only received the phone back! Contacted customer service and they are sending out a replacement box and charger.

01 July 2013

Reply from Eazyfone Ltd

Hello Amber

Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

We reported your review as there was no order ID attached to it and we therefore needed to be able to find your account to respond to your review. This appears to have been a problem with Trustpilot and has now been resolved.

When we received your phone we were unable to switch it on. When a supervisor re-tested it he tried it with several different batteries and chargers and it still wouldn't work. He also noted that there appeared to be damage to the LCD.

Regardless of whether it was the LCD that was damaged or if it wouldn't switch on, we wouldn't have been able to offer you any more for this phone.

I can see that you asked for your phone to be returned and we sent this back free of charge. Many other recycling companies will charge you up to £10 to have a phone returned.

Many Thanks


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