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Our little boy put all his christmas gift money together to order a 12v jeep ride on, after we recived it opend the box to fined lots of broken parts, The front grill was snaped off at one side, One of the front indicators was snapped off, the main body has a massive 10 inch crack down the back of it, NITROBLAZE are blaming dhl but the box was in perfect condition all sealed up with no marks on it we had to cut the straps of that Nitroblaze had put on, besides if it had happened in the box like NITROBLAZE are saying the snaped indicator would be in there but it isnt and the box had no holes in it was in perfect condition there is no way on this earth that damage has happend in that box !!! They never answer the phone so after sending sevral emails asking for a refund they eventualy got back to me saying they do not refund they will only send out replacment parts, o yes and that was only if we mess about taking pics of the damage and sending them it Why sould we have replacment parts anyway when we were meant to get a brand new one thats what we paid for, i am in contact with CONSUMER DIRECT who are dealling with this at the moment, As we have sent NITROBLAZE 2 letters but they dont respond Consumer Direct have confirmed that we are entiteld by law to a FULL REFUND they have also been in touch with TRADING STANDARDS about there TERMS+CONDITIONS, !!! we have got our little boy a 12v ride on from a differant company a DECENT one this time why sould he be left heart broken by these nasty people, We are just fighting to get our mony back now !!!!

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